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Festival will bring music and fun to downtown Corning - Elmira Star-Gazette

09/14/14 8:15 pm

Festival will bring music and fun to downtown Corning
Elmira Star-Gazette
The festival will bring live music and a host of family-oriented activities to Centerway Square and neighboring environs in downtown Corning on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The festival, which will feature jazz musician Jon Seiger and country music ...

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Flyers rookie camp: Scott Laughton's summer fun was Blue Jays baseball ... - The Star-Ledger

09/14/14 9:10 am

Flyers rookie camp: Scott Laughton's summer fun was Blue Jays baseball ...
The Star-Ledger
VOORHEES – When Flyers 2012 No. 1 draft pick Scott Laughton drove himself to and from summer workouts back home in suburban Toronto, he usually had his radio on and turned up loud. His music of choice: Country. "During the summer, I like listening to ...

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Country music, family feel attract listeners to Music Barn - Rockdale Citizen

09/14/14 4:33 am

Country music, family feel attract listeners to Music Barn
Rockdale Citizen
One Saturday night in 1974, 17-year-old Anita Denny accompanied her father to Benny Rider's Music Hall in Oxford. The musicians, friends of her father, offered her a chance to perform on stage. She took them up on the invitation and sang a few songs.

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Retailers planning country music event - The Daily Planet

09/14/14 4:26 am

Retailers planning country music event
The Daily Planet
Scott Doser, artistic director of the Palm Theater, said during a meeting of the Telluride Retail Merchants Association that the Palm is looking for a family-friendly country-western musical act to host during a Holiday Prelude weekend. The Palm ...

Chris Young, in Newport Saturday, drawing inspiration from country music's finest - The Providence Journal

09/13/14 10:06 pm

The Providence Journal

Chris Young, in Newport Saturday, drawing inspiration from country music's finest
The Providence Journal
Chris Young operates very, very close to the music industry's coveted headliner spot, touring this year with Brad Paisley, George Strait and Dierks Bentley and having shared the stage through his short career with dozens of seasoned country veterans.

Exclusive interview with country music star Jo Dee Messina -

09/13/14 5:43 pm

Exclusive interview with country music star Jo Dee Messina
The first nights headlining musician is country music star Jo Dee Messina. KJCT's Matt Vanderveer sat down in an exclusive interview with Messina before she took the stage and talked about everything from her new album titled "ME" to the craziest thing ...

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Lawrence man set for dream trip to Nashville country music festival - The Times, Trenton -

09/12/14 4:07 pm

Lawrence man set for dream trip to Nashville country music festival
The Times, Trenton -
With the help of Community Options, an organization providing housing and employment support to people with disabilities, Connell will attend a country music festival in Nashville, Tenn. His departure from Philadelphia International Airport is ...

Florida Georgia Line to host new country music awards show - CBS News

09/11/14 9:14 am

CBS News

Florida Georgia Line to host new country music awards show
CBS News
The awards show, to air on Fox, is based on the syndicated radio program "American Country Countdown With Kix Brooks," on Cumulus Media stations. The upcoming show joins a host of other country music awards ceremonies, including Academy of ...
Florida-Georgia Line to Host First-Ever 'American Country Countdown Awards ... TVbytheNumbers
Florida Georgia Line Hosting First American Country Countdown Awards Hollywood Reporter
New country awards show comes to Nashville The Tennessean

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Mother-daughter trio Lucy Angel brings lots of sass and country music to new ... - Fox News

09/10/14 10:49 am

Fox News

Mother-daughter trio Lucy Angel brings lots of sass and country music to new ...
Fox News
What do you get when you add three talented blondes, country music and lots of sass together? Mother-daughter trio Lucy Angel and the perfect recipe for a reality show. FOX411 spoke to the country music group exclusively about their new docuseries ...
AXS TV Starts Production On Country Music Docuseries 'DISCOVERING LUCY ... SYS-CON Media (press release)

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Taylor Swift quits boys, Nashville, country music - The Tennessean

09/09/14 11:37 pm

Taylor Swift quits boys, Nashville, country music
The Tennessean
In a new Rolling Stone interview, the country-gone-pop singer details her recent move to New York and talks about how much she loves living there. (She still owns a condo in Nashville.) The story also reveals the singer won't attend any country music ...
Taylor Swift Admits Scott Borchetta Begged Her to Put Country Songs on '1989' Taste of Country
Trace Taylor Swift's Country-to-Pop Transformation in 5 Songs
Taylor Swift Bids Farewell to Boys, Nashville and Country Music Chinatopix
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Country Music
Southern States: Hillbilly Music

In 1910 ethnomusicologist John Lomax published "Cowboy Songs and Other Frontier Ballads" (that followed by two years the first known collection of cowboy songs), and in 1916 Cecil Sharp began publishing hundreds of folk songs from the Appalachian mountains (or, better, the Cumberland Mountains, at the border between Kentucky and Tennessee), two events that sparked interest for the white musical heritage, although the world had to wait until 1922 before someone, Texan fiddler Eck Robertson, cut the first record of "old-time music". These collections created the myth of the Appalachians as remote sanctuaries of simple, noble life, whose inhabitants, the "mountaneers", isolated from the evils of the world embodied the true American spirit. Many of those regions were not settled until 1835, and then they were settled by very poor immigrants, thus creating a landscape of rather backwards communities, still attached to their traditions but also preoccupied with the daily struggle for survival.

In 1922, a radio station based in Georgia (WSM) was the first to broadcast folk songs to its audience. A little later, a radio station from Fort Worth, in Texas (WBAP), launched the first "barn dance" show. In june 1923, 55-year old Georgia's fiddler John Carson recorded (in Atlanta) two "hillbilly" (i.e., southern rural) songs, an event that is often considered the official founding of "country" music (although Texas fiddler Eck Roberton had already recorded the year before). The recording industry started dividing popular music into two categories: race music (that was only black) and hillbilly music (that was only white). The term "hillbilly" was actually introduced by "Uncle" Dave Macon's Hill Billie Blues (1924). In 1924, Chicago's radio station WLS (originally "World's Largest Store") began broadcasting a barn dance that could be heard throughout the Midwest.

With When The Work's All Done This Fall (1925), Texas-bred Carl Sprague became the first major musician to record cowboy songs (the first "singing cowboy" of country music). And, finally, in 1925, Nashville's first radio station (WSM) began broadcasting a barn dance that would eventually change name to "Grand Ole Opry". Country music was steaming ahead. Labels flocked to the South to record singing cowboys, and singing cowboys were exhibited in the big cities of the North.

Among the most literate songwriters were Texas-born Goebel Reeves, who penned The Drifter (1929), Blue Undertaker's Blues (1930), Hobo's Lullaby (1934) and The Cowboy's Prayer (1934), i.e. a mixture of hobo and cowboy songs, and Tennessee-born Harry McClintock, the author of the hobo ballads Big Rock Candy Mountain (1928) and Hallelujah Bum Again (1926).

Country music was a federation of styles, rather than a monolithic style. Its origins were lost in the early decades of colonization, when the folk dances (Scottish reels, Irish jigs, and square dances, the poor man's version of the French "cotillion" and "quadrille") and the British ballad got transplanted into the new world and got contaminated by the religious hymns of church and camp meetings. The musical styles were reminiscent of their British ancestors. The lyrics, on the other hand, were completely different. The Americans disliked the subject of love, to which they preferred pratical issues such as real-world experiences (ranching, logging, mining, railroads) and real-world tragedies (bank robberies, natural disasters, murders, train accidents).

The instrumentation included the banjo, introduced by the African slaves via the minstrel shows, the Scottish "fiddle" (the poor man's violin, simplified so that the fiddler could also sing) and the Spanish guitar (an instrument that became popular in the South only around 1910). Ironically, as more and more blacks abandoned the banjo and adopted the guitar, the banjo ended up being identified with white music, while the guitar ended up being identified as black music. For example, Hobart Smith learned to play from black bluesman Blind Lemon Jefferson, but went on to play the banjo while Jefferson played the guitar.

The role of these instruments was more rhythmic than melodic, because most performances were solo, without percussion. Some regions added their own specialties (such as the accordion in Louisiana), but mostly white music was based on stringed instruments. When not performed solo, it was performed by string bands, particularly after the 1920s, when the first recordings allowed musicians to actually make a living out of their "old-time music". The string bands of the 1920s included Charlie Poole's North Carolina Ramblers, that augmented the repertory of old-time music with songs from minstrel and vaudeville shows, Ernest Stoneman's Dixie Mountaineers, and finally (but the real trend-setters for string bands) the hillbilly supergroup Skillet Lickers, formed in 1926 and featuring Riley Puckett on guitar, Gideon Tanner and Clayton McMichen on fiddles (and all of them on vocals), the first ones to record Red River Valley (1927).

The "hillbilly" format (led by the guitar and a bit more "cosmopolitan") was more popular in the plains, while the "mountain" format of the Appalachians (dominated by fiddle and banjo) remained relatively sheltered from urban and African-American influences.

Solo artists, or "ramblers", became popular after World War I, but often had to move to New York to make recordings. Some of them specialized in "event" songs, songs that chronicled contemporary events, such as Henry Whitter's The Wreck Of The Old 97 (1923), that may have been the first "railroad song" (but actually used the melody of the traditional The Ship That Never Returned), later recorded by New York's singer Vernon Dalhart (1924) for the national audience (perhaps the first hit of country music), Andrew Jenkins' Death Of Floyd Collins, also first recorded by Dalhart (1926), about a mining accident, and Bob Miller's Eleven Cent Cotton and Forty Cent Meat (1928), Dry Votin' (1929), and especially Twentyone Years (1930), perhaps the first "prison song". Miller was, by far, the most prolific, writing thousands of hillbilly songs.

Hillbilly musicians also dealt with the opposite genre, the novelty song: Wendell Hall's ukulele novelty It Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo (1923), Carson Robison's whistling novelty Nola (1926), Frank Luther's comic sketch Barnacle Bill The Sailor (1928).

Very few of these singers were of country origins: Vernon Dalhart, Carson Robison and Bob Miller were New York singers who became famous singing hillbilly songs (and sometimes composing them, as in the case of Robison and Miller).

The real country musicians had been known mainly for their instrumental bravura. A national fiddle contest had been organized in Georgia already in 1917 (by the Old Time Fiddlers Organization). Two musicians important in the transition from the quiet and linear "mountain" style and the fast and syncopated "bluegrass" style were banjoists Charlie Poole of the North Carolina Ramblers (Don't Let Your Deal Go Down, 1925; White House Blues, 1926, better known as Cannonball Blues), and "Uncle" Dave Macon, the main "collector" of old-time music and one of the best-sold artists during the Roaring Twenties (Keep My Skillet Good And Greasy, 1924; Chewing Gum, 1924; Sail Away Ladies, 1927). If these two already used the banjo as much more than a mere rhythmic device, Dock Boggs was perhaps the first white banjoist to play the instrument like a blues guitar (in 1927 he recorded six plantation blues numbers and Sugar Baby, that was rockabilly ante-litteram). Sam McGee was one of the first to play the guitar like a bluesman, starting with Railroad Blues (1928). Georgia's blind guitarist Riley Puckett, the author of My Carolina Home (1927), played a key role in transforming the guitar from percussion instrument to accompanying instrument.

Un until the late 1920s, hillbilly artists were considered comedians as much as musicians. Many of them had a repertory of both songs and skits. The Skillet Lickers were probably instrumental in creating the charisma of the country musician, as opposed to the image of the hillbilly clown.

The Hawaian steel guitar, invented by Joseph Kekuku around 1885 in Honolulu, was a late addition to the line-up of string bands. The incidental music to Richard Walton Tully's play Bird of Paradise (1912) popularized the ukulele and the steel guitar in the USA, as did the Hawaiian pavillion at the "Panama Pacific Exhibition" of San Francisco in 1915. On The Beach At Waikiki (1915), composed by Henry Kailimai and Sonny Cunha, started a nation-wide craze. In 1916 all the record labels started selling records of Hawaiian music, including Sonny Cunha's Everybody Hula (1916), Richard Whiting's Along the Way to Waikiki (1917), Hawaiian Butterfly (1917), composed by Billy Baskette and Joseph Santly, and Walter Blaufuss' My Isle of Golden Dreams (1919). Hawaiian steel-guitar virtuoso Frank Ferera toured internationally. He had debuted on record with Stephen Foster's My Old Kentucky Home (1915). The craze subsided in the 1920s, but the steel guitar (first recorded by a hillbilly musician in 1927) would become more and more popular in the repertory of country music.

The first stars of the hillbilly genre were the members of the Virginia-based Carter Family, basically a vocal trio (Sara on lead vocals and autohapr, Alvin on bass vocals, and Maybelle on alto vocals and on guitar) that started out in 1926 and first recorded in 1927. Unlike their peers, who emphasized the instrumental sound, the Carter Family focused on songs. Collectively, they wrote over 300 songs, including classics such as Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone (1928), Keep On The Sunny Side (1928), a cover of Theodore Morse's 1906 song, Foggy Mountain Top (1929), My Clinch Mountain Home (1929), Worried Man Blues (1930), Can The Circle Be Unbroken (1935), No Depression (1936), and especially Wildwood Flower (1928), a traditional first published in 1860 that Maybelle turned into a guitar masterwork. Their vocal style was the quintessence of the "close-harmony" style of country music. Later, Maybelle (who plucked the melody on the bass strings) formed her own quartet with her three daughters (among whom June wrote Ring Of Fire and Helen wrote Poor Old Heartsick Me).

In 1924 with his first recording, Rock All Our Babies To Sleep, blind Georgia's guitarist Riley Puckett (already a radio star) introduced the "yodeling" style of singing (originally from the Swiss and Austrian Alps) into country music, the style adopted in 1927 by the first star of country music, Mississippi's Jimmie Rodgers, who wed it to the Hawaian slide guitar and, de facto, invented the white equivalent of the blues with T For Texas (1927), Waiting For A Train (1928), In The Jailhouse Now (1928), Mule Skinner Blues (1930). Ironically (but also tellingly), Jimmie Rodgers became the first star of this very white phenomenon by being the most influenced by the very black music of the blues. The year he died (1933) was a watershed year for country music.

Rodgers was influential in creating the myth of the Far West, which had already been fueled by the cowboy songs of Carl Sprague and Goebel Reeves. Thus "country" music became "country & western" music. Originally, country music was mainly from the Southeastern states (Virginia, Tennesse, Kentucky and neighboring states). But now the audience was becoming fascinated with the Southwestern states (Texas and neihboring states). The romantic allure of the mountain dweller was slowly being replaced by the romantic allure of the roaming cowboy.

Another country musician who, like Rodgers, harked back to the blues, was Louisiana's singer-songwriter Jimmie Davis whose songbook was no less impressive: Pistol Packin' Papa (1929), Organ Grinder's Blues (1929), Pussy Blues (1929), Nobody's Darling But Mine (1935), It Makes No Difference Now (1938), You Are My Sunshine (1939).

In the meantime, two new styles were emerging: honky-tonk and western-swing. And two instruments debuted in those years that would become the staple of rock bands: Adolph Rickenbacker invented (1931) the electric guitar and Laurens Hammond invented (1933) the Hammond organ. The steel guitar was electrified shortly afterwards, and enthusiastically embraced by country musicians (another sign that the trend was away from the mountain purists).

It was Texas singer-songwriter Gene Autry's Silver Hairde Daddy Of Mine (1931) a big hit that launched the "honky-tonk" style of country music. Debuting in the film Tumbling Tumbleweeds (1935), Autry (who in real life was not a cowboy at all) was also the first of the "singing cowboys" of Hollywood (before Roy Rogers, Tex Ritter, Johnny Bond, Jimmy Wakely) that contributed to move country music (originally an eastern phenomenon) to the "far west", at least in the popular imagination. He also recorded Mother Jones (1931), a labor song, besides a long list of western-flavored songs, such as Mexicali Rose (1936). Roy Rogers and songwriters Bob Nolan and Tim Spencer formed the genre's supergroup, the Sons Of Pioneers, who composed some of the genre's classics, starting with Bob Nolan's Tumblin' Tumbleweeds (1927).

Clyde "Red" Foley was the star of Chicago, popularizing country music in the big city with Old Shep (1935) and Chattanooga Shoeshine Boy (1950).

By now "hillbilly" was no longer a positive attribute, but rather a derogatory one, and thus "country & western" came to connote all white southern music. The performers wore country attires and mimicked the slang of cowboys. The fascination with the West spread to the big cities of the North thanks to fake hillbilly songs written by professional Tin Pan Alley songwriters, such as Bill Hill's The Last Roundup (1933), actually a catchy tune in the Broadway style, but nonetheless influential in creating the vogue of the Far West. This enabled Tex Ritter, who had never been cowboy but simply a rodeo attraction, to become a star in New York, thanks to his Texan accent, and then (1936) in Hollywood (Rock'n'Rye Rag, 1948).

Both honky-tonk and western-swing were, de facto, by-products of the shift of country music towards the western states (i.e. Texas).

In 1932 vocalist Milton Brown and fiddler Bob Wills cut the first records of a kind of country music influenced by jazz that was later dubbed "western swing" (by Foreman Phillips in 1944). Basically, the country & western music of rural towns merged with the swing of the big bands of urban jazz. The two pioneers then split. Brown's combo, the Musical Brownies, featuring fiddler Cecil Brower (who introduced Joe Venuti's style to country music), jazz pianist Fred Calhoun, Bob Dunn on one of the first amplified steel guitars and a rhythm section influenced by ragtime, ruled in Texas, while Wills' Texas Playboys, based in Oklahoma and featuring a country string section and a jazz horn section, and now fronted by Tommy Duncan, debuted on record in 1935 (with Osage Stomp, reminiscent of Will Shade's Memphis Jug Band) and went on to produce Steel Guitar Rag (1936), New San Antonio Rose (1940), their greatest hit, recorded with an 18-piece band, perhaps the first nation-wide hits of country music. Time Changes Everything (1940), Smoke on the Water (1944), New Spanish Two Step (1946).

From 1936 Chicago's fiddler and accordionist Frank "Pee Wee" King, who wrote Bonaparte's Retreat, Tennessee Waltz and Slow Poke (1950), led the most popular of the western swing bands, the Golden West Cowboys.

After the war, Spade Cooley (in Los Angeles) introduced a variant of western swing that de-emphasized the brass and reeds while returning to the more traditional sound of pop orchestras.

Western Swing marked the transition from the archaic string-bands to the dancehall orchestras. These bands were responsible for the introduction into country music of instruments such as drums, horns and electric guitar.

Texas singer Al Dexter had hits in both the honky-tonk style, such as Honky Tonk Blues (1934), and the western-swing style, such as Pistol Packin' Mama (1942), boasting a revolutionary arrangement of accordion, trumpet and steel guitar. San Diego's pianist Merrill Moore did the same after World War II, achieving a synthesis in songs such as House Of Blue Lights (1953) that heralded rock'n'roll.

The other major genre to surface during the 1930s was bluegrass music, but this one originated in the traditional southeastern areas ("bluegrass country" being the nickname of Kentucky). Several vocalist-instrumentalist couples had appeared (particularly brothers) that played a more spirited music devoted to domestic themes.

Alabama's guitar-based Delmore Brothers (Alton was the main composer and lead vocalist) were instrumental in popularizing the "brothers style" thanks to their tenure with the "Grand Ole Opry" between 1932 and 1938. They were also important for bridging the world of white music and the world of black music. Their songs were bluesy, and they often interpreted gospel songs. Their greatest hits were in fact blues numbers, from Brown's Ferry Blues (1933) to Blues Stay Away from Me (1949). In 1944 they added the bluesy harmonica of Wayne Raney, and in 1946 they added electric guitar and drums. That is when they recorded their series of breathless boogies, one step away from rock'n'roll: Hillbilly Boogie (1945), Freight Train Boogie (1946), Mobile Boogie (1948), Pan American Boogie (1950). Other famous numbers were Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar, Midnight Special, Beautiful Brown Eyes (1951).

Another "brother act" was that of the Blue Sky Boys, formed by Bill and Earl Bolick (respectively, mandolin and guitar), perhaps the most faithful to the "mountain" tradition in their versions of Sunny Side Of Life (1935), Down On The Banks of the Ohio (1936), Story of the Knoxville Girl (1937), Are You From Dixie (1939), Turn Your Radio On (1940).

The bluegrass style, that originated in the 1920s from both Kentucky and Bristol, on the Virginia-Tennessee border, was a by-product of the "brother style", except that it was fast, virtuoso and sometimes instrumental-only "mountain music" (the country equivalent of the dixieland in jazz). It derived from the string bands of the 1920s, with a banjo, fiddle, and mandolin leading the melody, backed by guitar and string bass. The notable addition to the arsenal of the string bands was the Italian mandolin, that became popular in the South with bluegrass music. The vocals were not as important as in the "brothers style", although often featured a high-pitched tenor voice. Bluegrass music relied a mixture of techniques: mountain music's three-finger banjo picking, country & western's fiddle, the rhythmic guitar of the ramblers, the tenor-driven choir of religious hymns with bass-register counterpoint.

Kentucky-based mandolinist Bill Monroe, who had started a duo in 1934 with his guitarist brother Charlie, popularized the "bluegrass" style with Kentucky Waltz (1945), Blue Moon Of Kentucky (1945) and Footprints in the Snow (1945), performed by his new band, the Blue Grass Boys, that eventually came to include virtuoso musicians such as Earl Scruggs on banjo, Chubby Wise on fiddle, Howard Watts on bass, and Lester Flatt on guitar, which were in turn replaced in the Sixties by a new generation of virtuosi (fiddler Richard Greene, guitarist Peter Rowan, banjoist Bill Keith). Monroe's spectacular mandolin style was documented on instrumental pieces such as Rawhide (1951) and Roanoke (1954). At the peak, Monroe's band was so focused on improvisation and technical skills that it sounded like a jazz group performing country music.

Flatt and Scruggs formed their own act in 1948, that, thanks to pieces such as Foggy Mountain Breakdown (1949), Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms (1950), Pike County Breakdown (1952), Flint Hill Special (1952), and eventually the hit The Ballad of Jed Clampett (1962), competed with both Bill Monroe. Flatt and Scruggs were also instrumental in introducing the dobro guitar (since 1955, played by Buck Graves), a variant of the Hawaian steel guitar, into country music.

Bluegrass acts of the 1950s included the Osborne Brothers (Sonny on banjo and Bobbie on mandolin), perhaps the most innovative of the new generation, as displayed in Ruby (1956); and the Stanley Brothers (Carter being the lead vocalist), much more focused on the vocal harmonies than on the instrumental counterpoint and solos, from the "high lonesome" style of A Vision of Mother to love songs such as How Mountain Girls Can Love (1959) to religious themes such as Gathering Flowers for the Master's Bouquet and Albert Brumley's Rank Strangers (1960).

Bluegrass would remain the branch of country music most obsessed with dazzling technical proficiency, whether vocal or instrumental.

Tennesse native Roy Acuff became the first star of Nashville thanks to two tunes already recorded by the Carter Family: The Great Speckled Bird (1936), based on the melody of I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes, and Wabash Cannonball (1936), one of the most celebrated "railroad songs". The Precious Jewel (1940), based on The Hills of Roane County, Wreck On The Highway (1942), one of the earliest car songs, Frank "Pee Wee" King's Tennessee Waltz (1947), were sung in an old-fashioned, mournful mountain style, and accompanied mainly with the dobro (James Clell Summey until 1938 and Beecher "Pete" Kirby after 1938). Country broadcasting had been dominated by string bands: Acuff's emotional solo performances changed the very perception of what country music ought to be. He was instrumental in turning country music into a business, and a huge nationwide business. The music publishing company he founded in 1942 with songwriter Fred Rose (credited with many songs that he actually only revised and published, including Hank Williams' Kaw-liga and Take These Chains From My Heart) became a gold mine.

Johnny Bond wrote Cimarron (1938), I Wonder Where You Are Tonight, Hot Rod Lincoln, Your Old Love Letters and Tomorrow Never Comes.

In 1939 the "Grand Ole Pry" moved to Nashville's "Ryman Auditorium" and was broadcasted by the national networks.

Nonetheless, the nation was still largely unaware of country music. It wasn't until 1942 that "Billboard" introduced a column on country music, and only in 1944 it introduced the charts for hillbilly songs.
New York: Dissent

If country music represented the quintessential American values, and a positive attitude towards the American way of life, others (harking back to the epics of the itinerant "hobos") were seeing through the American Dream and confronting the issues of poverty, fascism and racism.

In a somber guitar-based folk style, Oklahoma's Woody Guthrie wrote the Dust Bowl Ballads (1935, first recorded in 1940), the soundtrack of the Great Depression, to become the first major singer-songwriter of the USA. After moving to New York in 1940, he also graduated to be the voice of the political "opposition" with Pretty Boy Floyd (1939), the anthemic This Land Is Your Land (1940, first recorded in 1944), Ludlow Massacre (1944), 1913 Massacre (1944), Deportee (1948), and the Ballads Of Sacco & Vanzetti (1947); but also composed popular songs such as Oklahoma Hills (1937), Pastures Of Plenty (1941), Reuben James (1941), So Long It's Been Good To Know You (1942), Philadelphia Lawyer (1946). His songs were mostly based on ancient hillbilly melodies.

The Left gained strength throughout the 1930s, finding shelter in the artists' lofts of New York's Greenwich Village. The "Village Vanguard", opened by Max Gordon in 1939 in that area (7th Avenue and 11th Street), was a jazz club but soon began to serve a white audience of political dissidents.

The viability of popular music as sociopolitical protest had been proven by Brother Can You Spare A Dime (1932), a song written by Yip Harburg (music by Jay Gorner), a veteran of the Broadway musical and the Hollywood soundtrack, and sung by Bing Crosby. In fact, the whole soundtrack of Victor Fleming's Wizard of Oz (1939), also written by Harburg (music by Harold Arlen), was meant as a commentary to the Great Depression.

Besides Guthrie, other folk musicians composed protest songs. For example, Earl Robinson wrote Joe Hill (1936) to commemorate a murdered union leader.

Another important strain of popular music had to do with folk music, which Guthrie and Robinson had already associated with social awareness. In 1940 Pete Seeger went further: he formed the Almanac Singers to sing protest songs (We Shall Overcome, Guantanamera), sometimes with communist overtones. In 1948 Seeger formed the vocal quartet Weavers loosely modeled after the Country Family. Their arranger Gordon Jenkins added a string orchestra to their cover of Leadbelly's Good Night Irene (1949), thus creating the first folk-pop crossover. The collaboration with Gordon Jenkins continued with The Roving Kind (1950) and Wimoweh (1952). Their If I Had A Hammer (1949), Where Have All The Flowers Gone (1956), Bells Of Rhymney (1959) and Turn Turn Turn (1962) established the vogue of folk music, while Wimoweh (1961) even resurrected African folk music. His Goofing Off Suite (1955) was, de facto, the first record of "American primitivism".

Another pioneer of the folk revival, Burl Ives, popularized Foggy Foggy Dew (1945), a traditional English tune, Blue-tailed Fly (1948), a Civil War tune, Harry McClintock's Big Rock Candy Mountain (1948) and Stan Jones' Ghost Riders In The Sky (1949), based on the traditional When Johnny Comes Marching Home.

"Ramblin' Jack" Elliott Adnopoz became Guthrie's ambassador in Europe. Several black musicians (notably, Leadbelly and Josh White) benefited from the folk revival.

In fact, the folk revival was instrumental in rediscovering forgotten genres and musicians that could not possibly aim for the charts. For example, the tradition of "one-man bands" was kept alive in San Francisco by a black musician, Jesse Fuller, an old man (he debuted at 58) who played at the same time guitar, pedal bass, harmonica, hi-hats and castanets, immortalized by his San Francisco Bay Blues (1954). In 1948 Moe Asch founded Folkways, a record label devoted to folk music, but also to Latin-American music, to Native American music and to blues music.

New York became the stage for a movement of "folk revival" that spawned hits such as the Tarriers' Banana Boat Song (1956), that also launched the calypso craze, the Kingston Trio's traditional Tom Dooley (1958), Jimmy Driftwood's Battle Of New Orleans (1958), and Jimmy Driftwood's Battle of New Orleans (1958) and Soldier's Joy (1958), all of them reconstructed from traditional melodies. Ethno-musicologists such as the New Lost City Ramblers assembled "lost" songs on albums such as The New Lost City Ramblers (1958), Vol II (1959) and Songs from the Depression (1960). The Limeliters assembled a multinational repertory on soothing collections such as The Slightly Fabulous (1961). The "Newport Folk Festival" (1959) created a vast audience for this music, an audience that increasingly came to be identified with the political Left and the young beatniks of the Greenwich Village.

These folksingers had little in common (stylistically or ideologically) with the hillbillies of country music, but they ended up creating the urban audience for country music. Country music, even in states that were rapidly urbanizing such as Texas, had been catering mainly to the countryside. The post-war generation of folksingers catered almost exclusively to the audience of the big cities. It wasn't long before country music learned that lesson.

Also part of the Leftist movement of ideas were the iconoclast satirists who attacked the American way of life, contemporary politics and assorted taboos in the night clubs of New York: Richard "Lord" Buckley, Lenny Bruce and Tom Lehrer (chronologically). Their caustic humour actually anticipated the existential spleen and the political skepticism of the Greenwich Movement.
Texas and Tennessee: Country Music

The 1940s were mainly the years of "honky-tonk" music, a much more driving style than traditional Appalachian music, and the first urban form of country music. Originally named after the saloons where alcohol was being served illegally (which, in turn, took their name from the factories that made gin), honky tonk became even more popular at the end of Prohibition era. Its stars were from Texas: Ernest Tubb (Walking The Floor Over You, 1942), who was also the first country artist to employ an electric guitar, and William "Lefty" Frizzell, Rodgers' natural heir, one of the most innovative vocalists and a poignant songwriter (If You've Got The Money I've Got The Time, 1950; Always Late, 1951; I Want to Be With You Always, 1951; Danny Dill's folk ballad The Long Black Veil, 1959; Saginaw Michigan, 1964; That's the Way Love Goes, 1973). Floyd Tillman wrote It Makes No Difference Now (1938) and the "cheating song" Slipping Around (1949). Houston-based pianist Aubrey "Moon" Mullican predated Jerry Lee Lewis in fusing honky-tonk and boogie-woogie, two styles that had much in common, with Harry Choates' New Jole Blon' (1947) and I'll Sail My Ship Alone (1950). South Carolina's guitarist Arthur Smith did something similar with the instrumental Guitar Boogie (1945). Ted Daffan composed the classics Worried Mind (1940), Born To Lose (1943), Headin' Down The Highway (1945). Honky-tonk songs dealt with more prosaic themes such as alcohol (of course) and cheating.

Purists looked down on honky-tonk, that preserved little of the original spirit of country music, but Hank Williams shut them down with Lovesick Blues (1949) and You're Gonna Change (1949), followed by a repertory of both ballads and pseudo-blues. Among the former: Cold Cold Heart (1950), Why Don't You Love Me (1950), Your Cheating Heart (1952), I Saw The Light (1953). Among the latter: Moaning The Blues (1950), Long Gone Lonesome Blues (1950), So Lonesome I Could Cry (1949), I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive (1952). Plus rhythmic songs that predated rock'n'roll, such as Move It On Over (1947), Honkytonking (1948), Howlin' At The Moon (1951). He died young (at 29), and his last songs, such as Jambalaya (1952) and Fred Rose's Kaw-liga (1952), already predated the age of exotic music.

The star of honky-tonk who succeeded Williams, Webb Pierce, from Louisiana, adopted the electric guitar and steel guitar and moved towards pop and rock'n'roll in Merle Kilgore's More And More (1954) and Teenage Boogie (1956). Ray Price, from Texas, bordered both honky-tonk and western swing in songs such as Don't Let The Stars Get Into Your Eyes (1952), Crazy Arms (1956), City Lights (1958). Hank Thompson's band, also from Texas, did the opposite (from western swing to honky-tonk), starting with Wild Side of Life (1952), basically a cover of Roy Acuff's The Great Speckled Bird (1936). Another Texas, Johnny Horton, adapted the style to the dancehalls and to rock'n'roll with songs such as Honky Tonk Man (1956).

Jimmie Rodgers' style was instead revived by Canadian-born Hank Snow, particularly in his own I'm Moving On (1950), one of the greatest hits of the post-war era, The Golden Rocket (1950) and The Rhumba Boogie (1951).

Among instrumental virtuosi, Merle Travis' finger-picking style (that was basically an adapation of a banjo technique to the guitar) turned the guitar into both a melodic and rhythmic instrument. To his contemporaries, he sounded like two guitarists, not one. He also recorded Folk Songs of the Hills (1947), including his own celebrated protest song Sixteen Tons, in a vein similar to Woody Guthrie's. Smoke Smoke Smoke (1947) was his biggest hit.

His disciple Chet Atkins simplified Travis' style by using three fingers instead of only two. More importantly, Atkins pioneered the classic "Nashville sound" through compositions such as Bluesy Guitar (1946), a duet between electric guitar and clarinet, Canned Heat (1947), Galloping on the Guitar (1949), Chinatown My Chinatown (1952), Country Gentleman (1953), Downhill Drag (1953), that progressively downplayed the rustic role of the fiddle and the steel guitar while emphasizing a sweeter, poppier sound based on guitar and piano.

Jean Ritchie pioneered the revival of the dulcimer with records such as Singing Traditional Songs of Her Mountain Family (1952).

Les Paul, a white guitarist who played more often with jazz musicians than country ones, invented the solid-body guitar (1941), pioneered new recording techniques ("close miking", "echo delay", "multi-tracking") and engaged in archetypical experiments of tape manipulation and overdubbing in his 1948 songs Brazil and Lover (on which he played all instruments by himself), besides sprinkling his recordings with all sorts of sound effects.

Los Angeles-based pyrotechnic guitarist Joe Maphis was one of the first to use the instrument not only for the rhythmic accompaniment but also for the lead lines. He also composed Dim Lights Thick Smoke (1952) and Fire On The Strings (1954).

Other virtuosi included fiddler Vassar Clements and blind flat-picking guitarist Arthel "Doc" Watson, who recorded his first album, Doc Watson Family (1963), at the age of forty.

"Tennessee" Ernie Ford was the sex symbol of country music in the 1950s, and launched standards such as Smokey Mountain Boogie (1948), Johnny Lange's and Fred Glickman's Mule Train (1949) and Shotgun Boogie (1950), a progenitor of rock'n'roll.

Leon Payne, a member of Bob Wills' Texas Playboys, wrote Lost Highway (1949) and I Love You Because (1950)

Felice and Boudleaux Bryant were among the most successful Nashville songwriters, from Hey Joe (1953) to Love Hurts (1961) to Rocky Top (1967), and particularly for the Everly Brothers.

At the end of World War II, several studios had opened in Nashville, reflecting the growing popularity of the "Grand Ole Opry". Then musicians started relocating to Nashville. By 1954, when the "Country Music Disc Jockeys' Association" (CMA) was created, Nashville had as many songwriters as New York. Chet Atkins was one of the producers who, in the 1950s, crafted the "Nashville sound", basically country music played with a pop sensibility (the guitar and sometimes the piano replacing the fiddle, background vocals, string orchestra). Atkins was the man who buried the "high lonesome" Appalachian sound. In 1961 there were 81 radio stations devoted to country music, in 1966 there were 328. By 1963 one out of every two American records was produced in a Nashville studio.
The Importance of Country Music
Country music had a profound impact on the American subconscious: it provided the American nation with an identity. Pop music (as performed in theaters, as published by Tin Pan Alley) was largely a European invention, so much so that European stars touring the USA were invariably given a royal welcome and billed as the "real thing". But country music was American, and only American: its performers were American, its audience was American, its stories were American, its "sound" was American. Americans could enjoy pop music on Broadway, but they could not identify with it the same way that they could identify with the hillbillies and the cowboys. The sound of country music embodied the history of the USA, it represented its genome. As it developed from the 1920s to the 1960s, it simply continued to emphasize that "American" element, progressively removing the European elements: it sounded less and less like the English ballads and the Irish dances that originated it, and more and more like something completely new.
From a musical viewpoint, country music emphasized first of all the story, then the voice, and last the arrangement. It was a secular music, devoted to personal, domestic or collective issues, but largely set in a secular universe. It was rational to the extent that its characters were trying to make sense of their life and their surroundings.
This contrasted with rhythm'n'blues, that emphasized first of all the voice, and then (ever more) the arrangement, and finally the story; that had a stronger mystical element (the legaly of the spirituals and of gospel music); that was fundamentally irrational, in that it accepted the human condition as inevitable.


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BACK UP BUDDY;CARL SMITH;;;;147;3.37 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-BACK_UP_BUDDY.mp3;
BARTENDER'S BLUES-GEORGE JONES;no artist ;no title ;;1999;229;5.26 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;BARTENDER'S_BLUES-GEORGE_JONES_AND_JAMES_TAYLOR.mp3;
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BLACKBOARD OF MY HEART;HANK THOMPSON;;;1950;133;3.04 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-BLACKBOARD_OF_MY_HEART.mp3;
BLACKSHEEP-JOHN ANDERSON ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;181;4.17 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;BLACKSHEEP-JOHN_ANDERSON.mp3;
BLANKET ON THE GROUND-BILLIE J;no artist ;no title ;;1999;217;4.99 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;BLANKET_ON_THE_GROUND-BILLIE_JO_SPEARS.mp3;
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BLOODY MARY MORNIN';WILLIE NELSON;;;;187;4.29 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-BLOODY_MARY_MORNIN'.mp3;
BLUE BAYOU-LINDA RONSTADT ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;237;5.44 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;BLUE_BAYOU-LINDA_RONSTADT.mp3;
BLUE BLUE DAY;DON GIBSON;;;;111;2.54 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-BLUE_BLUE_DAY.mp3;
BLUE EYES CRYIN' IN THE RAIN-W;no artist ;no title ;;1999;142;3.27 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;BLUE_EYES_CRYIN'_IN_THE_RAIN-WILLIE_NELSON.mp3;
BLUE MOON WITH HEARTACHE-ROSAN;no artist ;no title ;;1999;269;6.19 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;BLUE_MOON_WITH_HEARTACHE-ROSANNE_CASH.mp3;
BLUE SIDE OF TOWN-PATTY LOVELE;no artist ;no title ;;1999;196;4.50 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;BLUE_SIDE_OF_TOWN-PATTY_LOVELESS.mp3;
BLUE SKIES-WILLIE NELSON ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;216;4.96 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;BLUE_SKIES-WILLIE_NELSON.mp3;
BLUEST EYES IN TEXAS-RESTLESS ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;236;5.43 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;BLUEST_EYES_IN_TEXAS-RESTLESS_HEART.mp3;
BOBBIE SUE-THE OAK RIDGE BOYS ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;173;3.99 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;BOBBIE_SUE-THE_OAK_RIDGE_BOYS.mp3;
BOP-DAN SEALS ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;217;4.98 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;BOP-DAN_SEALS.mp3;
BORN TO BOOGIE-HANK WILLIAMS J;no artist ;no title ;;1999;163;3.75 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;BORN_TO_BOOGIE-HANK_WILLIAMS_JR.mp3;
BORROWED ANGEL-MEL STREET ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;196;4.51 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;BORROWED_ANGEL-MEL_STREET.mp3;
BRAND NEW MAN-BROOKS AND DUNN ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;182;4.18 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;BRAND_NEW_MAN-BROOKS_AND_DUNN.mp3;
BRING IT ON DOWN TO MY HOUSE;ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL;;;;165;3.78 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-BRING_IT_ON_DOWN_TO_MY_HOUSE.mp3;
BROWN EYED HANDSOME MAN;WAYLON JENNINGS;;;;120;2.74 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-BROWN_EYED_HANDSOME_MAN.mp3;
BUBBLES IN MY BEER;BOB WILLS;;;;165;3.78 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-BUBBLES_IN_MY_BEER.mp3;
BURNIN' A HOLE IN MY HEART-SKI;no artist ;no title ;;1999;191;4.39 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;BURNIN'_A_HOLE_IN_MY_HEART-SKIP_EWING.mp3;
BUT YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU-DOLLY ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;198;4.55 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;BUT_YOU_KNOW_I_LOVE_YOU-DOLLY_PARTON.mp3;
CADILLAC STYLE-SAMMY KERSHAW ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;178;4.09 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;CADILLAC_STYLE-SAMMY_KERSHAW.mp3;
CAN'T EVEN GET THE BLUES-REBA ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;148;3.41 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;CAN'T_EVEN_GET_THE_BLUES-REBA_MCENTIRE.mp3;
CAN'T STOP MY HEART FROM LOVIN;no artist ;no title ;;1999;170;3.91 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;CAN'T_STOP_MY_HEART_FROM_LOVING_YOU-THE_O'KANES.mp3;
CARROL COUNTY ACCIDENT;PORTER WAGONER;;;1960;164;3.75 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-CARROL_COUNTY_ACCIDENT.mp3;
CHANGE OF HEART-THE JUDDS ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;216;4.96 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;CHANGE_OF_HEART-THE_JUDDS.mp3;
CHEROKEE BOOGIE;MOON MULLIGAN;;;;182;4.17 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-CHEROKEE_BOOGIE.mp3;
CHICKEN TRUCK-JOHN ANDERSON ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;164;3.76 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;CHICKEN_TRUCK-JOHN_ANDERSON.mp3;
CHILL FACTOR-MERLE HAGGARD ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;197;4.53 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;CHILL_FACTOR-MERLE_HAGGARD.mp3;
CHISELED IN STONE-VERN GOSDIN ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;232;5.34 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;CHISELED_IN_STONE-VERN_GOSDIN.mp3;
COAL MINER'S DAUGHTER-LORETTA ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;182;4.17 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;COAL_MINER'S_DAUGHTER-LORETTA_LYNN.mp3;
COAT OF MANY COLORS-DOLLY PART;no artist ;no title ;;1999;187;4.31 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;COAT_OF_MANY_COLORS-DOLLY_PARTON.mp3;
Colorado-Merle Haggard;;;;;220;4.22 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;Colorado-Merle_Haggard.mp3;
COME ON BACK-CARLENE CARTER ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;180;4.14 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;COME_ON_BACK-CARLENE_CARTER.mp3;
COME SUNDOWN-BOBBY BARE ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;168;3.87 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;COME_SUNDOWN-BOBBY_BARE.mp3;
COMMON MAN-JOHN CONLEE ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;164;3.77 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;COMMON_MAN-JOHN_CONLEE.mp3;
CONVOY-C. W. McCALL ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;227;5.23 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;CONVOY-C.mp3;
COOL WATER;SONS OF THE PIONEERS;;;;166;3.80 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-COOL_WATER.mp3;
CORINA CORINA;ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL;;;;186;4.26 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-CORINA_CORINA.mp3;
COULD I HAVE THIS DANCE-ANNE M;no artist ;no title ;;1999;197;4.52 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;COULD_I_HAVE_THIS_DANCE-ANNE_MURRAY.mp3;
COUNTRY STATE OF MIND-HANK WI;no artist ;no title ;;1999;239;5.50 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;COUNTRY__STATE_OF_MIND-HANK_WILLIAMS_JR.mp3;
COUNTRY BOY-RICKY SKAGGS ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;230;5.28 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;COUNTRY_BOY-RICKY_SKAGGS.mp3;
COUNTRY BUMKIN-CAL SMITH ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;220;5.05 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;COUNTRY_BUMKIN-CAL_SMITH.mp3;
COUNTRY GIRL;FARON YOUNG;COUNTRY GIRL;;1950;150;3.43 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;COUNTRY_GIRL-COUNTRY_GIRL.mp3;
COUNTRY SUNSHINE-DOTTIE WEST ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;128;2.96 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;COUNTRY_SUNSHINE-DOTTIE_WEST.mp3;
CRAZY OVER YOU-FOSTER AND LLOY;no artist ;no title ;;1999;205;4.72 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;CRAZY_OVER_YOU-FOSTER_AND_LLOYD.mp3;
CRY CRY CRY-HIGHWAY 101 ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;152;3.50 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;CRY_CRY_CRY-HIGHWAY_101.mp3;
CRY MYSELF TO SLEEP-THE JUDDS ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;222;5.10 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;CRY_MYSELF_TO_SLEEP-THE_JUDDS.mp3;
CRY-CRYSTAL GAYLE ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;259;5.96 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;CRY-CRYSTAL_GAYLE.mp3;
CRYING MY HEART OVER YOU-RICKY;no artist ;no title ;;1999;182;4.18 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;CRYING_MY_HEART_OVER_YOU-RICKY_SKAGGS.mp3;
DADDY WAS AN OLE TIME PREACHER;no artist ;no title ;;1999;185;4.26 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;DADDY_WAS_AN_OLE_TIME_PREACHER_MAN-DOLLY_PARTON.mp3;
DANCIN' COWBOYS-THE BELLAMY BR;no artist ;no title ;;1999;202;4.65 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;DANCIN'_COWBOYS-THE_BELLAMY_BROTHERS.mp3;
DARLENE-T. GRAHAM BROWN ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;199;4.58 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;DARLENE-T.mp3;
DAYDREAMS ABOUT NIGHT THINGS-R;no artist ;no title ;;1999;146;3.36 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;DAYDREAMS_ABOUT_NIGHT_THINGS-RONNIE_MILSAP.mp3;
DEAR JOHN;HANK WILLIAMS;;;;156;3.56 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-DEAR_JOHN.mp3;
DEEP WATER;GEORGE STRAIT;;;;155;3.56 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-DEEP_WATER.mp3;
DEEPER THAN THE HOLLER-RANDY T;no artist ;no title ;;1999;221;5.09 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;DEEPER_THAN_THE_HOLLER-RANDY_TRAVIS.mp3;
DESPERADO LOVE-CONWAY TWITTY ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;147;3.39 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;DESPERADO_LOVE-CONWAY_TWITTY.mp3;
DEVIL IN THE BOTTLE-T. G. SHEP;no artist ;no title ;;1999;170;3.91 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;DEVIL_IN_THE_BOTTLE-T.mp3;
DIGGIN' UP BONES-RANDY TRAVIS ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;179;4.11 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;DIGGIN'_UP_BONES-RANDY_TRAVIS.mp3;
DIXIE ROAD-LEE GREENWOOD ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;193;4.45 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;DIXIE_ROAD-LEE_GREENWOOD.mp3;
DIXIELAND DELIGHT-ALABAMA ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;240;5.51 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;DIXIELAND_DELIGHT-ALABAMA.mp3;
DO YA-K. T. OSLIN ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;225;5.18 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;DO_YA-K.mp3;
DO YOU KNOW YOU ARE MY SUNSHIN;no artist ;no title ;;1999;136;3.13 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;DO_YOU_KNOW_YOU_ARE_MY_SUNSHINE-STATLER_BROTHERS.mp3;
DO YOU REMEMBER THESE-STATLER ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;175;4.02 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;DO_YOU_REMEMBER_THESE-STATLER_BROTHERS.mp3;
DOES FORT WORTH EVER CROSS YOU;no artist ;no title ;;1999;196;4.51 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;DOES_FORT_WORTH_EVER_CROSS_YOUR_MIND-GEORGE_STRAIT.mp3;
DON'T CLOSE YOUR EYES-KEITH WH;no artist ;no title ;;1999;217;4.99 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;DON'T_CLOSE_YOUR_EYES-KEITH_WHITLEY.mp3;
DON'T GO TO STRANGERS-T. GRAHA;no artist ;no title ;;1999;240;5.52 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;DON'T_GO_TO_STRANGERS-T.mp3;
DON'T IT MAKE MY BROWN EYES BL;no artist ;no title ;;1999;154;3.55 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;DON'T_IT_MAKE_MY_BROWN_EYES_BLUE-CRYSTAL_GAYLE.mp3;
DONT LET THE STARS GET IN YOUR;SKEETS MCDONALD;;;1950;159;3.65 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-DONT_LET_THE_STARS_GET_IN_YOUR_EYES.mp3;
DONT LET YOUR BABIES;WAYLON AND WILLIE;;;;141;3.23 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-DONT_LET_YOUR_BABIES.mp3;
DONT TAKE HER;JOHNNY PAYCHECK;;;;170;3.89 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-DONT_TAKE_HER.mp3;
DON'T TAKE IT AWAY-CONWAY TWIT;no artist ;no title ;;1999;225;5.17 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;DON'T_TAKE_IT_AWAY-CONWAY_TWITTY.mp3;
DON'T TAKE YOUR GUNS TO TOWN ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;178;4.09 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;DON'T_TAKE_YOUR_GUNS_TO_TOWN-JOHNNY_CASH.mp3;
DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO-PAM T;no artist ;no title ;;1999;195;4.49 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;DON'T_TELL_ME_WHAT_TO_DO-PAM_TILLIS.mp3;
DON'T THE GIRLS ALL GET PRETTI;no artist ;no title ;;1999;182;4.18 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;DON'T_THE_GIRLS_ALL_GET_PRETTIER_-MICKEY_GILLE.mp3;
DON'T YOU THINK THIS OUTLAW BI;no artist ;no title ;;1999;180;4.13 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;DON'T_YOU_THINK_THIS_OUTLAW_BIT'S__GOT_OUT_OF_HAND-WAYLON.mp3;
DOWN TO MY LAST TEARDROP-TANYA;no artist ;no title ;;1999;212;4.87 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;DOWN_TO_MY_LAST_TEARDROP-TANYA_TUCKER.mp3;
DRINKIN' THING-GARY STEWART ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;181;4.17 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;DRINKIN'_THING-GARY_STEWART.mp3;
EAST LOVIN'-FREDDIE HART ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;151;3.48 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;EASY_LOVIN'-FREDDIE_HART.mp3;
EIGHTEEN WHEELS AND A DOZEN RO;no artist ;no title ;;1999;203;4.67 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;EIGHTEEN_WHEELS_AND_A_DOZEN_ROSES-KATHY_MATTEA.mp3;
EL PASO CITY-MARTY ROBINS ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;258;5.93 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;EL_PASO_CITY-MARTY_ROBINS.mp3;
EL PASO-MARTY ROBBINS ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;275;6.31 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;EL_PASO-MARTY_ROBBINS.mp3;
ELEVEN ROSES-HANK WILLIAMS JR.;no artist ;no title ;;1999;164;3.78 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;ELEVEN_ROSES-HANK_WILLIAMS_JR.mp3;
ELIZABETH-THE STATLER BROTHERS;no artist ;no title ;;1999;208;4.79 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;ELIZABETH-THE_STATLER_BROTHERS.mp3;
ELVIRA-THE OAK RIDGE BOYS ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;161;3.69 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;ELVIRA-THE_OAK_RIDGE_BOYS.mp3;
EMPTY ARMS-SONNY JAMES ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;142;3.28 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;EMPTY_ARMS-SONNY_JAMES.mp3;
END OF THE WORLD;SKEETER DAVIS;;;;153;3.49 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-END_OF_THE_WORLD.mp3;
EXCUSE ME;BUCK OWENS;;;1950;141;3.24 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-EXCUSE_ME.mp3;
FADED LOVE;BOB WILLS;;;;187;4.28 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-FADED_LOVE.mp3;
FALLIN' ANGEL-ALABAMA ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;215;4.93 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;FALLIN'_ANGEL-ALABAMA.mp3;
FAMILY TRADITION-HANK WILLIAMS;no artist ;no title ;;1999;243;5.58 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;FAMILY_TRADITION-HANK_WILLIAMS_JR.mp3;
FAREWELL PARTY-GENE WATSON ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;247;5.69 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;FAREWELL_PARTY-GENE_WATSON.mp3;
FASTER HORSES-TOM T. HALL ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;172;3.95 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;FASTER_HORSES-TOM_T.mp3;
FIFTEEN YEARS AGO-CONWAY TWITT;no artist ;no title ;;1999;192;4.41 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;FIFTEEN_YEARS_AGO-CONWAY_TWITTY.mp3;
FIGHTIN' SIDE OF ME;MERLE HAGGARD;;;;165;3.78 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-FIGHTIN'_SIDE_OF_ME.mp3;
FIRE AND SMOKE-EARL THOMAS CON;no artist ;no title ;;1999;198;4.54 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;FIRE_AND_SMOKE-EARL_THOMAS_CONLEY.mp3;
FIRE IN THE NIGHT-ALABAMA ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;241;5.55 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;FIRE_IN_THE_NIGHT-ALABAMA.mp3;
FISHIN' IN THE DARK-NITTY GRIT;no artist ;no title ;;1999;201;4.61 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;FISHIN'_IN_THE_DARK-NITTY_GRITTY_DIRT_BAND.mp3;
FLESH AND BLOOD-JOHNNY CASH ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;159;3.65 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;FLESH_AND_BLOOD-JOHNNY_CASH.mp3;
FOGGY MOUNTAIN BREAKDOWN;FLATT AND SCRUGGS;;;1960;155;3.54 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-FOGGY_MOUNTAIN_BREAKDOWN.mp3;
FOOL FOR YOUR LOVE-MICKEY GILL;no artist ;no title ;;1999;198;4.55 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;FOOL_FOR_YOUR_LOVE-MICKEY_GILLEY.mp3;
Fool's Stool-Jim King;;;8;2001;141;2.71 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;Fool's_Stool-Jim_King.mp3;
FOR THE GOOD TIMES-RAY PRICE ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;232;5.33 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;FOR_THE_GOOD_TIMES-RAY_PRICE.mp3;
FORGIVING YOU WAS EASY-WILLIE ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;171;3.94 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;FORGIVING_YOU_WAS_EASY-WILLIE_NELSON.mp3;
FOURTEEN CARAT MIND-GENE WATSO;no artist ;no title ;;1999;162;3.72 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;FOURTEEN_CARAT_MIND-GENE_WATSON.mp3;
FUNNY HOW TIME SLIPS AWAY;WILLIE NELSON;;;1950;178;4.07 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;FUNNY_HOW_TIME_SLIPS_AWAY.mp3;
GEORGIA ON MY MIND-WILLIE NELS;no artist ;no title ;;1999;239;5.50 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;GEORGIA_ON_MY_MIND-WILLIE_NELSON.mp3;
GHOST RIDERS IN THE SKY;JOHNNY CASH;;;;216;4.94 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-GHOST_RIDERS_IN_THE_SKY.mp3;
GIRL ON THE BILLBOARD;DEL REEVES;;;1950;157;3.59 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-GIRL_ON_THE_BILLBOARD.mp3;
GOIN' GONE-KATHY MATTEA ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;264;6.07 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;GOIN'_GONE-KATHY_MATTEA.mp3;
GOLDEN RINGS-GEORGE JONES AND ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;184;4.24 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;GOLDEN_RINGS-GEORGE_JONES_AND_TAMMY_WYNETTE.mp3;
GOLDEN TEARS-DAVE AND SUGAR ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;154;3.53 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;GOLDEN_TEARS-DAVE_AND_SUGAR.mp3;
GONNA FIND ME A BLUEBIRD;MARVIN RAINWATER;;;1950;149;3.40 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-GONNA_FIND_ME_A_BLUEBIRD.mp3;
GONNA TAKE A LOT OF RIVERS-THE;no artist ;no title ;;1999;185;4.26 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;GONNA_TAKE_A_LOT_OF_RIVERS-THE_OAK_RIDGE_BOYS.mp3;
GOOD HEARTED WOMAN-WAYLON JENN;no artist ;no title ;;1999;183;4.20 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;GOOD_HEARTED_WOMAN-WAYLON_JENNINGS.mp3;
GOOD OLE BOYS LIKE ME-DON WILL;no artist ;no title ;;1999;253;5.83 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;GOOD_OLE_BOYS_LIKE_ME-DON_WILLIAMS.mp3;
GOT THE ALL OVERS FOR YOU-FRED;no artist ;no title ;;1999;148;3.39 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;GOT_THE_ALL_OVERS_FOR_YOU-FREDDIE_HART.mp3;
GOTTA TRAVEL ON-BILLY GRAMMER ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;146;3.37 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;GOTTA_TRAVEL_ON-BILLY_GRAMMER.mp3;
GREEN LIGHT;HANK THOMPSON;;;;126;2.87 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-GREEN_LIGHT.mp3;
GUITAR MAN-ELVIS PRESLEY ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;170;3.91 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;GUITAR_MAN-ELVIS_PRESLEY.mp3;
GUITAR TOWN-STEVE EARLE ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;155;3.56 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;GUITAR_TOWN-STEVE_EARLE.mp3;
GUITARS, CADILLACS-DWIGHT YOAK;no artist ;no title ;;1999;184;4.24 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;GUITARS,_CADILLACS-DWIGHT_YOAKAM.mp3;
HANK WILLIAMS YOU WROTE MY LIF;no artist ;no title ;;1999;189;4.35 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;HANK_WILLIAMS_YOU_WROTE_MY_LIFE-MOE_BANDY.mp3;
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLIN'-CONWAY ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;175;4.03 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;HAPPY_BIRTHDAY_DARLIN'-CONWAY_TWITTY.mp3;
HARPER VALLEY PTA;JEANIE C. RILEY;;;1960;187;4.28 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-HARPER_VALLEY_PTA.mp3;
HAVE MERCY-THE JUDDS ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;203;4.68 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;HAVE_MERCY-THE_JUDDS.mp3;
HE LOVES ME ALL THE WAY-TAMMY ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;161;3.70 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;HE_LOVES_ME_ALL_THE_WAY-TAMMY_WYNETTE.mp3;
HEARTBREAKER-DOLLY PARTON ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;210;4.83 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;HEARTBREAKER-DOLLY_PARTON.mp3;
HEARTBROKE-RICKY SKAGGS ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;199;4.57 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;HEARTBROKE-RICKY_SKAGGS.mp3;
HEAVEN'S JUST A SIN AWAY-THE K;no artist ;no title ;;1999;146;3.37 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;HEAVEN'S_JUST_A_SIN_AWAY-THE_KENDALLS.mp3;
HE'LL HAVE TO GO-RAY PRICE ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;137;3.16 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;HE'LL_HAVE_TO_GO-RAY_PRICE.mp3;
HELLO DARLIN'-CONWAY TWITTY ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;148;3.40 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;HELLO_DARLIN'-CONWAY_TWITTY.mp3;
HELLO MARY LOU-THE STATLER BRO;no artist ;no title ;;1999;139;3.21 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;HELLO_MARY_LOU-THE_STATLER_BROTHERS.mp3;
HELP ME MAKE IT THRU THE NIGHT;no artist ;no title ;;1999;156;3.58 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;HELP_ME_MAKE_IT_THRU_THE_NIGHT-SAMMI_SMITH.mp3;
HERE YOU COME AGAIN-DOLLY PART;no artist ;no title ;;1999;178;4.10 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;HERE_YOU_COME_AGAIN-DOLLY_PARTON.mp3;
HERE'S A QUARTER-TRAVIS TRITT ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;155;3.57 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;HERE'S_A_QUARTER-TRAVIS_TRITT.mp3;
HEY BARTENDER-JOHNNY LEE ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;165;3.80 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;HEY_BARTENDER-JOHNNY_LEE.mp3;
HEY JOE;CARL SMITH;;;1950;145;3.33 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;HEY_JOE.mp3;
HIGH COTTON-ALABAMA ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;184;4.24 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;HIGH_COTTON-ALABAMA.mp3;
HIGH HORSE-NITTY GRITTY DIRT B;no artist ;no title ;;1999;194;4.46 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;HIGH_HORSE-NITTY_GRITTY_DIRT_BAND.mp3;
HIGHWAYMAN-W. NELSON W. JENNIN;no artist ;no title ;;1999;183;4.21 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;HIGHWAYMAN-W.mp3;
HILBILLY ROCK-MARTY STUART ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;161;3.71 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;HILBILLY_ROCK-MARTY_STUART.mp3;
HONKY TONK BLUES;HANK WILLIAMS;;;;132;3.02 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-HONKY_TONK_BLUES.mp3;
HONKY TONK MAN-DWIGHT YOAKAM ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;170;3.91 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;HONKY_TONK_MAN-DWIGHT_YOAKAM.mp3;
HOUSTON-LARRY GATLIN ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;178;4.09 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;HOUSTON-LARRY_GATLIN.mp3;
HOW BLUE-REBA MCENTIRE ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;164;3.77 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;HOW_BLUE-REBA_MCENTIRE.mp3;
HOW I GOT TO MEMPHIS-BOBBY BAR;no artist ;no title ;;1999;154;3.54 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;HOW_I_GOT_TO_MEMPHIS-BOBBY_BARE.mp3;
HOW MUCH MORE CAN SHE STAND-CO;no artist ;no title ;;1999;178;4.08 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;HOW_MUCH_MORE_CAN_SHE_STAND-CONWAY_TWITTY.mp3;
I AIN'T LIVIN' LONG LIKE THIS-;no artist ;no title ;;1999;219;5.03 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I_AIN'T_LIVIN'_LONG_LIKE_THIS-WAYLON_JENNINGS.mp3;
I AINT NEVER;WEBB PIERCE;I AINT NEVER;;1950;108;2.48 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I_AINT_NEVER-I_AINT_NEVER.mp3;
I AIN'T NEVER-MEL TILLIS ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;132;3.03 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I_AIN'T_NEVER-MEL_TILLIS.mp3;
I BELIEVE IN YOU-DON WILLIAMS ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;247;5.67 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I_BELIEVE_IN_YOU-DON_WILLIAMS.mp3;
I CAN HELP-BILLY SWAN ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;180;4.13 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I_CAN_HELP-BILLY_SWAN.mp3;
I CAN TELL BY THE WAY YOU DANC;no artist ;no title ;;1999;160;3.67 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I_CAN_TELL_BY_THE_WAY_YOU_DANCE-VERN_GOSDIN.mp3;
I COULDN'T LEAVE YOU IF I TRIE;no artist ;no title ;;1999;199;4.58 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I_COULDN'T_LEAVE_YOU_IF_I_TRIED-RODNEY_CROWELL.mp3;
I DONT CARE;WEBB PIERCE;;;1960;146;3.35 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-I_DONT_CARE.mp3;
I DON'T KNOW WHY YOU DON'T WAN;no artist ;no title ;;1999;200;4.59 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I_DON'T_KNOW_WHY_YOU_DON'T_WANT_ME-ROSANNE_CASH.mp3;
I FELL IN LOVE AGAIN LAST NIGH;no artist ;no title ;;1999;197;4.52 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I_FELL_IN_LOVE_AGAIN_LAST_NIGHT-THE_FORESTER_SISTERS.mp3;
I FORGOT MORE THAN YOU'LL EVER;DAVIS SISTERS;;;1960;175;4.01 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-I_FORGOT_MORE_THAN_YOU'LL_EVERY_KNOW.mp3;
I GOT DREAMS-STEVE WARINER ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;200;4.60 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I_GOT_DREAMS-STEVE_WARINER.mp3;
I GOT MEXICO-EDDY RAVEN ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;149;3.43 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I_GOT_MEXICO-EDDY_RAVEN.mp3;
I JUST CAME HOME TO COUNT THE ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;213;4.90 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I_JUST_CAME_HOME_TO_COUNT_THE_MEMORIES-JOHN_ANDERSON.mp3;
I JUST CAN'T GET HER OUT OF MY;no artist ;no title ;;1999;158;3.63 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I_JUST_CAN'T_GET_HER_OUT_OF_MY_MIND-JOHNNY_RODRIGUEZ.mp3;
I LOVE A RAINY NIGHT-EDDIE RAB;no artist ;no title ;;1999;192;4.41 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I_LOVE_A_RAINY_NIGHT-EDDIE_RABBIT.mp3;
I LOVE-TOM T. HALL ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;128;2.95 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I_LOVE-TOM_T.mp3;
I NEVER GO AROUND MIRRORS-LEFT;no artist ;no title ;;1999;157;3.61 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I_NEVER_GO_AROUND_MIRRORS-LEFTY_FRIZZEL.mp3;
I SANG DIXIE-DWIGHT YOAKAM ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;230;5.29 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I_SANG_DIXIE-DWIGHT_YOAKAM.mp3;
I SEE THE WANT TO IN YOUR EYES;no artist ;no title ;;1999;171;3.92 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I_SEE_THE_WANT_TO_IN_YOUR_EYES-CONWAY_TWITTY.mp3;
I TAKE ALOT OF PRIDE IN WHAT I;MERLE HAGGARD;;;1960;161;3.70 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-I_TAKE_ALOT_OF_PRIDE_IN_WHAT_I_AM.mp3;
I TELL IT LIKE IT USED TO BE-T;no artist ;no title ;;1999;183;4.21 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I_TELL_IT_LIKE_IT_USED_TO_BE-T.mp3;
I TOLD YOU SO-RANDY TRAVIS ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;221;5.08 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I_TOLD_YOU_SO-RANDY_TRAVIS.mp3;
I WANT TO BE A COWBOY'S SWEETH;PATSY MONTANA;;;;192;4.40 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-I_WANT_TO_BE_A_COWBOY'S_SWEETHEART.mp3;
I WAS COUNTRY WHEN COUNTRY WAS;no artist ;no title ;;1999;220;5.05 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I_WAS_COUNTRY_WHEN_COUNTRY_WASN'T_COOL-BARBRA_MANDRELL.mp3;
I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU-DOLLY P;no artist ;no title ;;1999;189;4.34 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I_WILL_ALWAYS_LOVE_YOU-DOLLY_PARTON.mp3;
I WONDER DO YOU THINK OF ME-KE;no artist ;no title ;;1999;198;4.54 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I_WONDER_DO_YOU_THINK_OF_ME-KEITH_WHITLEY.mp3;
I WON'T MENTION IT AGAIN-RAY P;no artist ;no title ;;1999;220;5.07 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I_WON'T_MENTION_IT_AGAIN-RAY_PRICE.mp3;
I WOULDN'T WANT TO LIVE IF YOU;no artist ;no title ;;1999;182;4.18 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I_WOULDN'T_WANT_TO_LIVE_IF_YOU_DIDN'T_LOVE_ME-DON_WILLAIMS.mp3;
I'D CHOOSE YOU AGAIN-THE FORES;no artist ;no title ;;1999;200;4.60 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I'D_CHOOSE_YOU_AGAIN-THE_FORESTER_SISTERS.mp3;
I'D LOVE TO LAY YOU DOWN-CONWA;no artist ;no title ;;1999;200;4.60 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I'D_LOVE_TO_LAY_YOU_DOWN-CONWAY_TWITTY.mp3;
IDA RED;ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL;;;;178;4.07 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-IDA_RED.mp3;
IF I SAID YOU HAD A BEAUTIFUL ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;192;4.41 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;IF_I_SAID_YOU_HAD_A_BEAUTIFUL_BODY-BELLAMY_BROTHERS.mp3;
IF IT DON'T COME EASY-TANYA TU;no artist ;no title ;;1999;206;4.73 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;IF_IT_DON'T_COME_EASY-TANYA_TUCKER.mp3;
IF WE MAKE IT THRU DECEMBER-ME;no artist ;no title ;;1999;165;3.80 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;IF_WE_MAKE_IT_THRU_DECEMBER-MERLE_HAGGARD.mp3;
IF WE'RE NOT BACK IN LOVE BY M;no artist ;no title ;;1999;198;4.55 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;IF_WE'RE_NOT_BACK_IN_LOVE_BY_MONDAY-MERLE_HAGGARD.mp3;
IF YOU CHANGE YOU MIND-ROSANNE;no artist ;no title ;;1999;201;4.63 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;IF_YOU_CHANGE_YOU_MIND-ROSANNE_CASH.mp3;
IF YOU LEAVE ME TONIGHT I'LL C;no artist ;no title ;;1999;167;3.84 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;IF_YOU_LEAVE_ME_TONIGHT_I'LL_CRY-JERRY_WALLACE.mp3;
IF YOU'RE GONNA PLAY IN TEXAS-;no artist ;no title ;;1999;205;4.73 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;IF_YOU'RE_GONNA_PLAY_IN_TEXAS-ALABAMA.mp3;
IF YOU'VE GOT THE MONEY;LEFTY FRIZZEL;;;1950;178;4.08 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;IF_YOU'VE_GOT_THE_MONEY.mp3;
IF YOU'VE GOT THE MONEY I'VE G;no artist ;no title ;;1999;126;2.89 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;IF_YOU'VE_GOT_THE_MONEY_I'VE_GOT_THE_TIME-WILLIE_NELSON.mp3;
I'LL ALWAYS COME BACK-K. T. OS;no artist ;no title ;;1999;249;5.73 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I'LL_ALWAYS_COME_BACK-K.mp3;
I'LL COME BACK AS ANOTHER WOMA;no artist ;no title ;;1999;243;5.58 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I'LL_COME_BACK_AS_ANOTHER_WOMAN-TANYA_TUCKER.mp3;
I'LL NEVER STOP LOVING YOU-GAR;no artist ;no title ;;1999;222;5.11 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I'LL_NEVER_STOP_LOVING_YOU-GARY_MORRIS.mp3;
I'M A RAMBLIN' MAN-WAYLON JENN;no artist ;no title ;;1999;170;3.91 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I'M_A_RAMBLIN'_MAN-WAYLON_JENNINGS.mp3;
I'M A TRUCK-RED SIMPSON ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;193;4.44 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I'M_A_TRUCK-RED_SIMPSON.mp3;
I'M ALWAYS ON A MOUNTAIN WHEN ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;172;3.96 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I'M_ALWAYS_ON_A_MOUNTAIN_WHEN_I_FALL-MERLE_HAGGARD.mp3;
I'M GONNA HIRE A WINO-DAVID FR;no artist ;no title ;;1999;238;5.48 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I'M_GONNA_HIRE_A_WINO-DAVID_FRIZELL_.mp3;
I'M JUST A COUNTRY BOY-DON WIL;no artist ;no title ;;1999;185;4.26 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I'M_JUST_A_COUNTRY_BOY-DON_WILLAIMS.mp3;
I'M JUST AN OLD CHUNK OF COAL-;no artist ;no title ;;1999;221;5.09 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I'M_JUST_AN_OLD_CHUNK_OF_COAL-JOHN_ANDERSON.mp3;
I'M JUST ME-CHARLIE PRIDE ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;144;3.31 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I'M_JUST_ME-CHARLIE_PRIDE.mp3;
I'M NO STRANGER TO THE RAIN-KE;no artist ;no title ;;1999;217;5.00 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I'M_NO_STRANGER_TO_THE_RAIN-KEITH_WHITLEY.mp3;
I'M NOT LISA-JESSI COLTER ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;204;4.68 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I'M_NOT_LISA-JESSI_COLTER.mp3;
I'M THE ONLY HELL-JOHNNY PAYCH;no artist ;no title ;;1999;192;4.42 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I'M_THE_ONLY_HELL-JOHNNY_PAYCHECK.mp3;
IN MY EYES-JOHN CONLEE ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;223;5.12 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;IN_MY_EYES-JOHN_CONLEE.mp3;
IRA HAYES;JOHNNY CASH;IRA HAYES;;1960;237;5.42 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;IRA_HAYES-IRA_HAYES.mp3;
IS ANYBODY GOIN' TO SAN ANTONE;no artist ;no title ;;1999;137;3.16 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;IS_ANYBODY_GOIN'_TO_SAN_ANTONE-CHARLIE_PRIDE.mp3;
IS IT REALLY OVER;JIM REEVES;;;1950;132;3.03 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-IS_IT_REALLY_OVER.mp3;
ISLANDS IN THE STREAM-KENNY RO;no artist ;no title ;;1999;251;5.78 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;ISLANDS_IN_THE_STREAM-KENNY_ROGERS_AND_DOLLY_PARTON.mp3;
IT COULDN'T HAVE BEEN ANY BETT;no artist ;no title ;;1999;185;4.25 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;IT_COULDN'T_HAVE_BEEN_ANY_BETTER-JOHNNY_DUNCAN.mp3;
IT MUST BE LOVE-DON WILLIAMS ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;150;3.44 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;IT_MUST_BE_LOVE-DON_WILLIAMS.mp3;
IT ONLY HURTS WHEN I CRY-DWIGH;no artist ;no title ;;1999;158;3.63 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;IT_ONLY_HURTS_WHEN_I_CRY-DWIGHT_YOAKAM.mp3;
IT WAS ALMOST LIKE A SONG-RONN;no artist ;no title ;;1999;220;5.06 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;IT_WAS_ALMOST_LIKE_A_SONG-RONNIE_MILSAP.mp3;
IT'S A CHEATING SITUATION-MOE ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;163;3.75 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;IT'S_A_CHEATING_SITUATION-MOE_BANDY.mp3;
IT'S ALL WRONG, BUT IT'S ALRIG;no artist ;no title ;;1999;193;4.43 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;IT'S_ALL_WRONG,_BUT_IT'S_ALRIGHT-DOLLY_PARTON.mp3;
IT'S BEEN A GREAT AFTERNOON;MERLE HAGGARD;;;;161;3.68 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-IT'S_BEEN_A_GREAT_AFTERNOON.mp3;
IT'S FOUR IN THE MORNING-FARON;no artist ;no title ;;1999;179;4.12 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;IT'S_FOUR_IN_THE_MORNING-FARON_YOUNG.mp3;
IT'S JUST A MATTER OF TIME-SON;no artist ;no title ;;1999;157;3.62 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;IT'S_JUST_A_MATTER_OF_TIME-SONNY_JAMES.mp3;
IT'S NOT LOVE-MERLE HAGGARD ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;202;4.66 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;IT'S_NOT_LOVE-MERLE_HAGGARD.mp3;
IT'S TIME TO PAY THE FIDDLER-C;no artist ;no title ;;1999;220;5.07 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;IT'S_TIME_TO_PAY_THE_FIDDLER-CAL_SMITH.mp3;
I'VE ALWAYS BEEN COUNTRY-WAYLO;no artist ;no title ;;1999;251;5.78 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I'VE_ALWAYS_BEEN_CRAZY-WAYLON_JENNINGS.mp3;
I'VE ALWAYS LOVED YOU IN MY MI;no artist ;no title ;;1999;171;3.93 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I'VE_ALWAYS_LOVED_YOU_IN_MY_MIND-CONWAY_TWITTY.mp3;
I'VE BEEN AROUND ENOUGH TO KNO;no artist ;no title ;;1999;160;3.68 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I'VE_BEEN_AROUND_ENOUGH_TO_KNOW-JOHN_SCHNEIDER.mp3;
I'VE BEEN LOOKIN'-THE NITTY GR;no artist ;no title ;;1999;197;4.54 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;I'VE_BEEN_LOOKIN'-THE_NITTY_GRITTY_DIRT_BAND.mp3;
JEALOUS BONE-PATTY LOVELESS ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;205;4.71 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;JEALOUS_BONE-PATTY_LOVELESS.mp3;
JOE KNOWS HOW TO LIVE-EDDY RAV;no artist ;no title ;;1999;230;5.29 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;JOE_KNOWS_HOW_TO_LIVE-EDDY_RAVEN.mp3;
JOLENE-DOLLY PARTON ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;164;3.76 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;JOLENE-DOLLY_PARTON.mp3;
JOSHUA-DOLLY PARTON ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;182;4.20 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;JOSHUA-DOLLY_PARTON.mp3;
JUST GET UP AND CLOSE THE DOOR;no artist ;no title ;;1999;122;2.80 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;JUST_GET_UP_AND_CLOSE_THE_DOOR-JOHNNY_RODRIGUEZ.mp3;
JUST GOOD OLE BOYS-MOE BANDY A;no artist ;no title ;;1999;158;3.63 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;JUST_GOOD_OLE_BOYS-MOE_BANDY_AND_JOE_STAMPLEY.mp3;
JUST MARRIED;JOHNNY CASH;;;;125;2.87 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-JUST_MARRIED.mp3;
JUST ONE TIME-CONNIE SMITH ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;154;3.53 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;JUST_ONE_TIME-CONNIE_SMITH.mp3;
JUST SAY YES- HIGHWAY 101 ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;221;5.07 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;JUST_SAY_YES-_HIGHWAY_101.mp3;
KISS AN ANGEL GOOD MORNIN'-CHA;no artist ;no title ;;1999;125;2.88 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;KISS_AN_ANGEL_GOOD_MORNIN'-CHARLEY_PRIDE.mp3;
LADY LAY DOWN-JOHN CONLEE ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;188;4.31 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;LADY_LAY_DOWN-JOHN_CONLEE.mp3;
LAST CHEATER'S WALTZ-T. G. SHE;no artist ;no title ;;1999;225;5.17 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;LAST_CHEATER'S_WALTZ-T.mp3;
LAST THING I NEEDED FIRST THIN;no artist ;no title ;;1999;260;5.99 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;LAST_THING_I_NEEDED_FIRST_THING_THIS_MORNING-WILLIE_NELSON.mp3;
LEAD ME ON-CONWAY TWITTY AND L;no artist ;no title ;;1999;148;3.41 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;LEAD_ME_ON-CONWAY_TWITTY_AND_LORETTA_LYNN.mp3;
LET ME GO LOVER;HANK SNOW;;;;141;3.24 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-LET_ME_GO_LOVER.mp3;
LET'S CHASE EACH OTHER AROUND ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;173;3.98 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;LET'S_CHASE_EACH_OTHER_AROUND_THE_ROOM-MERLE_HAGGARD.mp3;
LIFE'S HIGHWAY-STEVE WARINER ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;196;4.50 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;LIFE'S_HIGHWAY-STEVE_WARINER.mp3;
LIVING PROOF-RICKY VAN SHELTON;no artist ;no title ;;1999;204;4.68 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;LIVING_PROOF-RICKY_VAN_SHELTON.mp3;
LIZA JANE-RICKY SKAGGS ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;177;4.06 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;LIZA_JANE-RICKY_SKAGGS.mp3;
LONG GONE LONESOME BLUES;HANK WILLIAMS;;;;158;3.63 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-LONG_GONE_LONESOME_BLUES.mp3;
LOOKIN' FOR LOVE-JOHNNY LEE ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;212;4.88 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;LOOKIN'_FOR_LOVE-JOHNNY_LEE.mp3;
LOST IN THE FIFTIES TONIGHT-RO;no artist ;no title ;;1999;256;5.88 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;LOST_IN_THE_FIFTIES_TONIGHT-RONNIE_MILSAP.mp3;
LOUISANA MAN;DOUG KERSHAW;LOUISANA MAN;;1960;150;3.44 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;LOUISANA_MAN-LOUISANA_MAN.mp3;
LOUISIANNA WOMAN, MISSISSIPPI ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;153;3.53 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;LOUISIANNA_WOMAN,_MISSISSIPPI_MAN-CONWAY__AND_LORETTA_L.mp3;
LOVE IN THE FIRST DEGREE-ALABA;no artist ;no title ;;1999;194;4.46 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;LOVE_IN_THE_FIRST_DEGREE-ALABAMA.mp3;
LOVE IN THE HOT AFTERNOON-GENE;no artist ;no title ;;1999;203;4.66 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;LOVE_IN_THE_HOT_AFTERNOON-GENE_WATSON.mp3;
LOVE IS LIKE A BUTTERFLY-DOLLY;no artist ;no title ;;1999;142;3.28 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;LOVE_IS_LIKE_A_BUTTERFLY-DOLLY_PARTON.mp3;
LOVE IS ON A ROLL-DON WILLIAMS;no artist ;no title ;;1999;220;5.06 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;LOVE_IS_ON_A_ROLL-DON_WILLIAMS.mp3;
LOVE IS THE FOUNDATION-LORETTA;no artist ;no title ;;1999;153;3.51 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;LOVE_IS_THE_FOUNDATION-LORETTA_LYNN.mp3;
LOVE ME TONIGHT-DON WILLIAMS ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;143;3.29 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;LOVE_ME_TONIGHT-DON_WILLIAMS.mp3;
LOVE SOMEONE LIKE ME-HOLLY DUN;no artist ;no title ;;1999;194;4.47 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;LOVE_SOMEONE_LIKE_ME-HOLLY_DUNN.mp3;
LOVE'S GOT A HOLD ON YOU-ALAN ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;177;4.07 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;LOVE'S_GOT_A_HOLD_ON_YOU-ALAN_JACKSON.mp3;
LOVESICK BLUES;HANK WILLIAMS;;;;164;3.76 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-LOVESICK_BLUES.mp3;
LOVIN' ALL NIGHT-RODNEY CROWEL;no artist ;no title ;;1999;231;5.30 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;LOVIN'_ALL_NIGHT-RODNEY_CROWELL.mp3;
LOVIN' ON BACK STREETS-MEL STR;no artist ;no title ;;1999;173;3.99 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;LOVIN'_ON_BACK_STREETS-MEL_STREET.mp3;
LOVING YOU COULD NEVER BE BETT;no artist ;no title ;;1999;189;4.34 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;LOVING_YOU_COULD_NEVER_BE_BETTER-GEORGE_JONES.mp3;
LUCKENBACH TEXAS-WAYLON JENNIN;no artist ;no title ;;1999;198;4.55 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;LUCKENBACH_TEXAS-WAYLON_JENNINGS.mp3;
LVE ME LIKE YOU USED TO-TANYA ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;229;5.26 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;LVE_ME_LIKE_YOU_USED_TO-TANYA_TUCKER.mp3;
LYNDA-STEVE WARINER ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;187;4.30 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;LYNDA-STEVE_WARINER.mp3;
MADE IN JAPAN-BUCK OWENS ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;163;3.74 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;MADE_IN_JAPAN-BUCK_OWENS.mp3;
MAKE THE WORLD GO AWAY;EDDY ARNOLD;;;1950;156;3.58 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-MAKE_THE_WORLD_GO_AWAY.mp3;
MAMA HE'S CRAZY-THE JUDDS ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;193;4.45 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;MAMA_HE'S_CRAZY-THE_JUDDS.mp3;
MAMA TRIED;MERLE HAGGARD;;;1960;125;2.85 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-MAMA_TRIED.mp3;
MAMA'S NEVER SEEN THOSE EYES-T;no artist ;no title ;;1999;167;3.85 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;MAMA'S_NEVER_SEEN_THOSE_EYES-THE_FORESTER_SISTERS.mp3;
MAMMAS DON'T LET YOUR BABY'S G;no artist ;no title ;;1999;153;3.52 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;MAMMAS_DON'T_LET_YOUR_BABY'S_GROWN_UP_-WAYLON_AN.mp3;
MAN IN BLACK-JOHNNY CASH ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;175;4.03 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;MAN_IN_BLACK-JOHNNY_CASH.mp3;
MIDDLE AGE CRAZY-JERRY LEE LEW;no artist ;no title ;;1999;232;5.34 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;MIDDLE_AGE_CRAZY-JERRY_LEE_LEWIS.mp3;
MIDNIGHT GIRL IN A SUNSET TOWN;no artist ;no title ;;1999;187;4.31 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;MIDNIGHT_GIRL_IN_A_SUNSET_TOWN-SWEETHEARTS_OF_THE_RODEO.mp3;
MILK COW BLUES;BOB WILLS;;;;288;6.60 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-MILK_COW_BLUES.mp3;
MILLER'S CAVE;HANK SNOW;;;1950;155;3.55 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-MILLER'S_CAVE.mp3;
MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS-HANK WI;no artist ;no title ;;1999;146;3.37 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;MIND_YOUR_OWN_BUSINESS-HANK_WILLIAMS_JR.mp3;
MIRROR MIRROR-DIAMOND RIO ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;194;4.46 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;MIRROR_MIRROR-DIAMOND_RIO.mp3;
MODERN DAY ROMANCE-NITTY GRITT;no artist ;no title ;;1999;210;4.83 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;MODERN_DAY_ROMANCE-NITTY_GRITTY_DIRT_BAND.mp3;
MONA LISA LOST HER SMILE-DAVID;no artist ;no title ;;1999;222;5.10 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;MONA_LISA_LOST_HER_SMILE-DAVID_ALLEN_COE.mp3;
MONIN THE BLUES;HANK WILLIAMS;;;1950;142;3.24 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;MONIN'_THE_BLUES.mp3;
MOODY BLUE-ELVIS PRESLEY ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;176;4.04 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;MOODY_BLUE-ELVIS_PRESLEY.mp3;
MORIN' RIDE LEE GREENWOOD ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;199;4.58 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;MORIN'_RIDE_LEE_GREENWOOD.mp3;
MORNING DESIRE-KENNY ROGERS ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;226;5.20 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;MORNING_DESIRE-KENNY_ROGERS.mp3;
MOUNTAIN MUSIC-ALABAMA ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;223;5.13 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;MOUNTAIN_MUSIC-ALABAMA.mp3;
MOVE IT ON OVER;HANK WILLIAMS;;;;165;3.78 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-MOVE_IT_ON_OVER.mp3;
MR. LOVEMAKER-JOHNNY PAYCHECK ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;134;3.08 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;MR.mp3;
MY BABY THINKS HE'S A TRAIN-RO;no artist ;no title ;;1999;195;4.49 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;MY_BABY_THINKS_HE'S_A_TRAIN-ROSANNE_CASH.mp3;
MY BABY'S GOT GOOD TIMING-DAN ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;207;4.77 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;MY_BABY'S_GOT_GOOD_TIMING-DAN_SEALS.mp3;
My Closing Love Song-Jim King;;;10;2001;145;2.78 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;My_Closing_Love_Song-Jim_King.mp3;
MY FAVORITE MEMORY-MERLE HAGGA;no artist ;no title ;;1999;185;4.25 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;MY_FAVORITE_MEMORY-MERLE_HAGGARD.mp3;
MY HANG UP IS YOU-FREDDIE HART;no artist ;no title ;;1999;129;2.96 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;MY_HANG_UP_IS_YOU-FREDDIE_HART.mp3;
MY HEART-RONNIE MILSAP ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;163;3.74 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;MY_HEART-RONNIE_MILSAP.mp3;
MY HEROES HAVE ALWAYS BEEN COW;no artist ;no title ;;1999;187;4.30 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;MY_HEROES_HAVE_ALWAYS_BEEN_COWBOYS-WILLIE_NELSON.mp3;
NATURAL HIGH-MERLE HAGGARD ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;191;4.39 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;NATURAL_HIGH-MERLE_HAGGARD.mp3;
NEAR YOU-TAMMY WYNETTE AND GEO;no artist ;no title ;;1999;144;3.32 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;NEAR_YOU-TAMMY_WYNETTE_AND_GEORGE_JONES.mp3;
NEVER BE YOU-ROSANNE CASH ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;204;4.69 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;NEVER_BE_YOU-ROSANNE_CASH.mp3;
NEW PRETTY BLOND;MOON MULLICAN;;;;181;4.15 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-NEW_PRETTY_BLOND.mp3;
NEW SHADE OF BLUE-SOUTHERN PAC;no artist ;no title ;;1999;227;5.23 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;NEW_SHADE_OF_BLUE-SOUTHERN_PACIFIC.mp3;
NEXT IN LINE;CONWAY TWITTY;;;1960;165;3.77 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-NEXT_IN_LINE.mp3;
NIGHT GAMES-CHARLEY PRIDE ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;164;3.78 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;NIGHT_GAMES-CHARLEY_PRIDE.mp3;
NO GETTIN' OVER ME-RONNIE MILS;no artist ;no title ;;1999;195;4.49 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;NO_GETTIN'_OVER_ME-RONNIE_MILSAP.mp3;
NOBODY LIKES SAD SONGS-RONNIE ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;237;5.45 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;NOBODY_LIKES_SAD_SONGS-RONNIE_MILSAP.mp3;
NOBODY LOVES ME LIKE YOU DO-AN;no artist ;no title ;;1999;231;5.31 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;NOBODY_LOVES_ME_LIKE_YOU_DO-ANNE_MURRAY_AND_DAVE_LOGGINS.mp3;
OCEAN FRONT PROPERTY-GEORGE ST;no artist ;no title ;;1999;189;4.35 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;OCEAN_FRONT_PROPERTY-GEORGE_STRAIT.mp3;
OKIE FROM MUSKOGEE;MERLE HAGGARD;;;;158;3.61 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-OKIE_FROM_MUSKOGEE.mp3;
OLD FLAMES HAVE NEW NAMES-MARK;no artist ;no title ;;1999;146;3.35 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;OLD_FLAMES_HAVE_NEW_NAMES-MARK_CHESNUT.mp3;
OLD HIPPIE-THE BELLAMY BROTHER;no artist ;no title ;;1999;243;5.60 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;OLD_HIPPIE-THE_BELLAMY_BROTHERS.mp3;
OLDER WOMEN-RONNIE MCDOWELL ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;169;3.90 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;OLDER_WOMEN-RONNIE_MCDOWELL.mp3;
ON MY KNEES-CHARLIE PRIDE ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;194;4.46 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;ON_MY_KNEES-CHARLIE_PRIDE.mp3;
ON THE OTHER HAND-RANDY TRAVIS;no artist ;no title ;;1999;187;4.31 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;ON_THE_OTHER_HAND-RANDY_TRAVIS.mp3;
ON THE ROAD AGAIN-WILLIE NELSO;no artist ;no title ;;1999;150;3.45 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;ON_THE_ROAD_AGAIN-WILLIE_NELSON.mp3;
ONCE MORE WITH FEELING-JERRY L;no artist ;no title ;;1999;147;3.38 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;ONCE_MORE_WITH_FEELING-JERRY_LEE_LEWIS.mp3;
ONCE YOU'VE HAD THE BEST-GEORG;no artist ;no title ;;1999;163;3.75 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;ONCE_YOU'VE_HAD_THE_BEST-GEORGE_JONES.mp3;
ONE HAS MY NAME;JERRY LEE LEWIS;;;;152;3.49 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-ONE_HAS_MY_NAME.mp3;
ONE PIECE AT A TIME-JOHNNY CAS;no artist ;no title ;;1999;246;5.65 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;ONE_PIECE_AT_A_TIME-JOHNNY_CASH.mp3;
ONE PROMISE TOO LATE-REBA MCEN;no artist ;no title ;;1999;210;4.83 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;ONE_PROMISE_TOO_LATE-REBA_MCENTIRE.mp3;
ONE'S ON THE WAY-LORETTA LYNN ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;162;3.72 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;ONE'S_ON_THE_WAY-LORETTA_LYNN.mp3;
ONLY A LONELY HEART KNOWS-BARB;no artist ;no title ;;1999;228;5.24 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;ONLY_A_LONELY_HEART_KNOWS-BARBARA_MANDRELL.mp3;
ONLY DADDY THAT'LL WALK THE LI;WAYLON JENNINGS;;;1960;139;3.19 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-ONLY_DADDY_THAT'LL_WALK_THE_LINE.mp3;
ONLY ONE LOVE IN MY LIFE-RONNI;no artist ;no title ;;1999;209;4.82 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;ONLY_ONE_LOVE_IN_MY_LIFE-RONNIE_MILSAP.mp3;
OUT OF HAND-GARY STEWART ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;182;4.19 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;OUT_OF_HAND-GARY_STEWART_.mp3;
OUT OF MY HEAD AND BACK IN MY ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;162;3.72 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;OUT_OF_MY_HEAD_AND_BACK_IN_MY_BED-LORETTA_LYNN.mp3;
PANCHO AND LEFTY-WILLIE NELSON;no artist ;no title ;;1999;290;6.66 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;PANCHO_AND_LEFTY-WILLIE_NELSON_AND_MERLE_HAGGARD.mp3;
PAPER ROSIE-GENE WATSON ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;238;5.48 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;PAPER_ROSIE-GENE_WATSON.mp3;
PARTY TIME-T. G. SHEPPARD ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;218;5.01 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;PARTY_TIME-T.mp3;
PICKIN' UP STRANGERS-JOHNNY LE;no artist ;no title ;;1999;142;3.27 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;PICKIN'_UP_STRANGERS-JOHNNY_LEE.mp3;
PISTOL PACKIN' MAMA;AL DEXTER;;;;169;3.86 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-PISTOL_PACKIN'_MAMA.mp3;
PLEASE HELP ME I'M FALLIN';HANK LOCKLIN;;;;139;3.18 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-PLEASE_HELP_ME_I'M_FALLIN'.mp3;
RADIO HEART-CHARLY MCCLAIN ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;193;4.45 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;RADIO_HEART-CHARLY_MCCLAIN.mp3;
RAMBLIN' FEVER-MERLE HAGGARD ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;188;4.32 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;RAMBLIN'_FEVER-MERLE_HAGGARD.mp3;
RAMBLIN' MAN;WAYLON JENNINGS;;;;158;3.62 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-RAMBLIN'_MAN.mp3;
REAL LOVE-DOLLY PARTON AND KEN;no artist ;no title ;;1999;227;5.23 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;REAL_LOVE-DOLLY_PARTON_AND_KENNY_ROGERS.mp3;
RECONSIDER ME-NARVEL FELTS ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;211;4.86 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;RECONSIDER_ME-NARVEL_FELTS.mp3;
RED WING;ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL;;;;196;4.48 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-RED_WING.mp3;
REDNECKS, WHITE SOCKS;JOHNNY RUSSELL;;;;163;3.74 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-REDNECKS,_WHITE_SOCKS.mp3;
RHINESTONE COWBOY-GLEN CAMPBEL;no artist ;no title ;;1999;194;4.47 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;RHINESTONE_COWBOY-GLEN_CAMPBELL.mp3;
RHUMBA BOOGIE;HANK SNOW;RHUMBA BOOGIE;;1950;162;3.71 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;RHUMBA_BOOGIE-RHUMBA_BOOGIE.mp3;
RIDIN' MY THUMB TO MEXICO-JOHN;no artist ;no title ;;1999;130;2.98 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;RIDIN'_MY_THUMB_TO_MEXICO-JOHNNY_RODREGUEZ.mp3;
RIGHT OR WRONG;WANDA JACKSON;RIGHT OR WRONG;;1960;151;3.47 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;RIGHT_OR_WRONG-RIGHT_OR_WRONG.mp3;
ROCKY TOP;OSBORNE BROTHERS;ROCKY TOP;;1960;150;3.43 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;ROCKY_TOP-ROCKY_TOP.mp3;
ROLL ON-ALABAMA ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;225;5.18 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;ROLL_ON-ALABAMA.mp3;
ROLLIN' IN MY SWEET BABY'S ARM;no artist ;no title ;;1999;141;3.25 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;ROLLIN'_IN_MY_SWEET_BABY'S_ARMS-BUCK_OWENS.mp3;
ROLLIN' WITH THE FLOW-CHARLIE ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;163;3.74 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;ROLLIN'_WITH_THE_FLOW-CHARLIE_RICH.mp3;
ROLY POLY;MERLE HAGGARD;;;;156;3.58 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-ROLY_POLY.mp3;
ROOM FULL OF ROSES;JERRY LEE LEWIS;;;;162;3.71 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-ROOM_FULL_OF_ROSES.mp3;
ROSE COLORED GLASSES-JOHN CONL;no artist ;no title ;;1999;204;4.70 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;ROSE_COLORED_GLASSES-JOHN_CONLEE.mp3;
ROSE GARDEN-LYNN ANDERSON ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;171;3.94 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;ROSE_GARDEN-LYNN_ANDERSON.mp3;
ROSE IN PARADISE-WAYLON JENNIN;no artist ;no title ;;1999;217;4.99 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;ROSE_IN_PARADISE-WAYLON_JENNINGS.mp3;
RUB IT IN-BILLY CRASH CRADDOCK;no artist ;no title ;;1999;139;3.20 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;RUB_IT_IN-BILLY_CRASH_CRADDOCK.mp3;
RUBY;BUCK OWENS;;;;139;3.17 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-RUBY.mp3;
RUBY DONT TAKE YOUR LOVE TO TO;KENNY RODGERS;;;;168;3.85 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-RUBY_DONT_TAKE_YOUR_LOVE_TO_TOWN.mp3;
RUNNIN' BEHIND-TRACY LAWERENCE;no artist ;no title ;;1999;176;4.05 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;RUNNIN'_BEHIND-TRACY_LAWERENCE.mp3;
RYE WHISKEY;TEX RITTER;;;;191;4.38 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-RYE_WHISKEY.mp3;
SAME OLE ME-RAY PRICE ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;161;3.69 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;SAME_OLE_ME-RAY_PRICE.mp3;
SAN ANTONIO ROSE;BOB WILLS;;;;181;4.14 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-SAN_ANTONIO_ROSE.mp3;
SAN ANTONIO STROLL-TANYA TUCKE;no artist ;no title ;;1999;171;3.94 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;SAN_ANTONIO_STROLL-TANYA_TUCKER.mp3;
SATIN SHEETS-JEANNE PRUETT ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;199;4.57 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;SATIN_SHEETS-JEANNE_PRUETT.mp3;
SECOND FIDDLE;JEAN SHEPARD;;;;117;2.67 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-SECOND_FIDDLE.mp3;
SECRET LOVE;SLIM WHITMAN;;;;160;3.66 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-SECRET_LOVE.mp3;
SET 'EM UP JOE-VERN GOSDIN ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;148;3.40 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;SET_'EM_UP_JOE-VERN_GOSDIN.mp3;
SEVEN YEAR ACHE-ROSANNE CASH ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;196;4.50 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;SEVEN_YEAR_ACHE-ROSANNE_CASH.mp3;
SHE CAN PUT HER SHOES UNDER MY;no artist ;no title ;;1999;175;4.03 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;SHE_CAN_PUT_HER_SHOES_UNDER_MY_BED_ANYTHIME-JOHNNY_DUNCAN.mp3;
SHE CAN'T SAY THAT ANYMORE-JOH;no artist ;no title ;;1999;167;3.85 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;SHE_CAN'T_SAY_THAT_ANYMORE-JOHN_CONLEE.mp3;
SHE JUST STARTED LIKIN' CHEATI;no artist ;no title ;;1999;142;3.26 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;SHE_JUST_STARTED_LIKIN'_CHEATIN'_SONGS-JOHN_ANDERSON.mp3;
SHE KEEPS THE HOME FIRE BURNIN;no artist ;no title ;;1999;238;5.47 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;SHE_KEEPS_THE_HOME_FIRE_BURNING-RONNIE_MILSAP.mp3;
SHE LEFT LOVE ALL OVER ME-RAZZ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;194;4.46 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;SHE_LEFT_LOVE_ALL_OVER_ME-RAZZY_BAILEY.mp3;
SHE SURE GOT AWAY WITH MY HEAR;no artist ;no title ;;1999;168;3.87 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;SHE_SURE_GOT_AWAY_WITH_MY_HEART-JOHN_ANDERSON.mp3;
SHE THINKS I STILL CARE;GEORGE JONES;;;1950;151;3.47 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;SHE_THINKS_I_STILL_CARE.mp3;
SHE'S ACTIN' SINGLE-GARY STEWA;no artist ;no title ;;1999;170;3.91 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;SHE'S_ACTIN'_SINGLE-GARY_STEWART.mp3;
SHE'S ALL I GOT-JOHNNY PAYCHEC;no artist ;no title ;;1999;177;4.07 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;SHE'S_ALL_I_GOT-JOHNNY_PAYCHECK.mp3;
SHE'S GOT A SINGLE THING IN MI;no artist ;no title ;;1999;225;5.18 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;SHE'S_GOT_A_SINGLE_THING_IN_MIND-CONWAY_TWITTY.mp3;
SHE'S GOT YOU-LORETTA LYNN ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;188;4.32 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;SHE'S_GOT_YOU-LORETTA_LYNN.mp3;
SHE'S MY ROCK-GEORGE JONES ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;148;3.41 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;SHE'S_MY_ROCK-GEORGE_JONES.mp3;
SHE'S SINGLE AGAIN-JANIE FRICK;no artist ;no title ;;1999;166;3.81 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;SHE'S_SINGLE_AGAIN-JANIE_FRICKIE.mp3;
SIX PACK TO GO;HANK THOMPSON;;;1950;124;2.84 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-SIX_PACK_TO_GO.mp3;
SKIP A ROPE;HENSON CARGILL;;;1960;151;3.46 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-SKIP_A_ROPE.mp3;
SLEEPING SINGEL IN A DOUBLE BE;no artist ;no title ;;1999;141;3.23 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;SLEEPING_SINGEL_IN_A_DOUBLE_BED-BARBARA_MANDRELL.mp3;
SLIPPING AROUND;FLOYD TILLMAN;;;;169;3.86 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-SLIPPING_AROUND.mp3;
SLOW HAND-CONWAY TWITTY ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;176;4.05 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;SLOW_HAND-CONWAY_TWITTY.mp3;
SMALL TOWN SATURDAY NIGHT-HAL ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;179;4.12 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;SMALL_TOWN_SATURDAY_NIGHT-HAL_KETCHUM.mp3;
SMOKE, SMOKE, SMOKE;JOHNNY BOND;;;1950;172;3.93 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-SMOKE,_SMOKE,_SMOKE.mp3;
SNOWBIRD;ANN MURRAY;;;;127;2.90 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-SNOWBIRD.mp3;
SOME GIRLS DO-SAWYER BROWN ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;195;4.49 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;SOME_GIRLS_DO-SAWYER_BROWN.mp3;
SOMEBODY ELSE WILL;JIMMY AND JOHNNY;;;;141;3.22 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-SOMEBODY_ELSE_WILL.mp3;
SOMEBODY LIED-RICKY VAN SHELTO;no artist ;no title ;;1999;201;4.61 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;SOMEBODY_LIED-RICKY_VAN_SHELTON.mp3;
SOMEBODY SHOULD LEAVE-REBA MCE;no artist ;no title ;;1999;217;4.98 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;SOMEBODY_SHOULD_LEAVE-REBA_MCENTIRE.mp3;
SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE-LORETTA LYN;no artist ;no title ;;1999;183;4.22 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;SOMEBODY_SOMEWHERE-LORETTA_LYNN.mp3;
SOMEBODY'S KNOCKIN'-TERRI GIBB;no artist ;no title ;;1999;177;4.06 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;SOMEBODY'S_KNOCKIN'-TERRI_GIBBS.mp3;
SOMEONE LOVES YOU HONEY-CHARLE;no artist ;no title ;;1999;132;3.04 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;SOMEONE_LOVES_YOU_HONEY-CHARLEY_PRIDE.mp3;
SOMEWHER TONIGHT-HIGHWAY 101 ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;199;4.58 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;SOMEWHER_TONIGHT-HIGHWAY_101.mp3;
SOMEWHERE BETWEEN RIGHT AND WR;no artist ;no title ;;1999;248;5.69 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;SOMEWHERE_BETWEEN_RIGHT_AND_WRONG-EARL_THOMAS_CONLEY.mp3;
SONG OF THE SOUTH-ALABAMA ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;198;4.54 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;SONG_OF_THE_SOUTH-ALABAMA.mp3;
SOUL SONG-JOE STAMPLEY ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;151;3.48 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;SOUL_SONG-JOE_STAMPLEY.mp3;
SOUTH OF THE BORDER;GENE AUTRY;;;;171;3.92 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-SOUTH_OF_THE_BORDER.mp3;
SOUTHERN NIGHTS-GLEEN CAMPBELL;no artist ;no title ;;1999;181;4.16 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;SOUTHERN_NIGHTS-GLEN_CAMPBELL.mp3;
SPRINGTIME IN ALASKA-JOHNNY HO;no artist ;no title ;;1999;154;3.54 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;SPRINGTIME_IN_ALASKA-JOHNNY_HORTON.mp3;
SQUAWS ALONG THE YOUKON;HANK THOMPSON;;;;144;3.30 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-SQUAWS_ALONG_THE_YOUKON.mp3;
STAND BY YOUR WOMEN MAN-RONNIE;no artist ;no title ;;1999;181;4.16 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;STAND_BY_YOUR_WOMEN_MAN-RONNIE_MILSAP.mp3;
STATUE OF A FOOL;JACK GREENE;;;;167;3.82 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-STATUE_OF_A_FOOL.mp3;
STEEL GUITAR RAG;BOB WILLS;;;;173;3.96 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-STEEL_GUITAR_RAG.mp3;
STORY OF MY LIFE;MARTY ROBBINS;;;1950;150;3.43 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-STORY_OF_MY_LIFE.mp3;
STRANGER-JOHNNY DUNCAN ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;192;4.42 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;STRANGER-JOHNNY_DUNCAN.mp3;
STREETS OF BAKERSFIELD-DWIGHT ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;172;3.96 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;STREETS_OF_BAKERSFIELD-DWIGHT_YOAKAM_AND_BUCK_OWENS.mp3;
STRONG ENOUGH TO BEND-TANYA TU;no artist ;no title ;;1999;164;3.78 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;STRONG_ENOUGH_TO_BEND-TANYA_TUCKER.mp3;
SUNDAY IN THE SOUTH-SHENANDOAH;no artist ;no title ;;1999;240;5.51 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;SUNDAY_IN_THE_SOUTH-SHENANDOAH.mp3;
SWEET DESIRE-THE KENDALLS ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;152;3.50 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;SWEET_DESIRE-THE_KENDALLS.mp3;
SWEET DREAMS-EMMYLOU HARRIS ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;181;4.16 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;SWEET_DREAMS-EMMYLOU_HARRIS.mp3;
SWINGIN'-JOHN ANDERSON ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;184;4.23 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;SWINGIN'-JOHN_ANDERSON.mp3;
TAKE A OLD COLD TATER AND WAIT;JIMMY DICKENS;;;;172;3.93 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-TAKE_A_OLD_COLD_TATER_AND_WAIT.mp3;
TAKE IT AWAY LEON;LEON MCAULIFFE;;;1950;163;3.74 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-TAKE_IT_AWAY_LEON.mp3;
TAKE IT LIKE A MAN-MICHELLE WR;no artist ;no title ;;1999;241;5.53 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;TAKE_IT_LIKE_A_MAN-MICHELLE_WRIGHT.mp3;
TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT-JOH;no artist ;no title ;;1999;160;3.68 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;TAKE_THIS_JOB_AND_SHOVE_IT-JOHNNY_PAYCHECK.mp3;
TALKING IN YOUR SLEEP-CRYSTAL ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;177;4.07 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;TALKING_IN_YOUR_SLEEP-CRYSTAL_GAYLE.mp3;
TEDDY BEAR-RED SOVINE ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;310;7.12 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;TEDDY_BEAR-RED_SOVINE.mp3;
TEENAGE QUEEN;JOHNNY CASH;;;;128;2.93 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-TEENAGE_QUEEN.mp3;
TENNESEE STUD-EDDY ARNOLD ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;181;4.17 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;TENNESEE_STUD-EDDY_ARNOLD.mp3;
TENNESSEE HOMESICK BLUES-DOLLY;no artist ;no title ;;1999;203;4.68 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;TENNESSEE_HOMESICK_BLUES-DOLLY_PARTON.mp3;
THANK GOD FOR THE RADIO-THE KE;no artist ;no title ;;1999;178;4.10 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;THANK_GOD_FOR_THE_RADIO-THE_KENDALLS.mp3;
THAT'S THE THING ABOUT LOVE-DO;no artist ;no title ;;1999;218;5.01 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;THAT'S_THE_THING_ABOUT_LOVE-DON_WILLIAMS.mp3;
THAT'S THE WAY LOVES GOES-MERL;no artist ;no title ;;1999;184;4.23 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;THAT'S_THE_WAY_LOVES_GOES-MERLE_HAGGARD.mp3;
THE BARGIN STORE-DOLLY PARTON ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;165;3.79 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;THE_BARGIN_STORE-DOLLY_PARTON.mp3;
THE CHAIR-GEORGE STRAIT ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;173;3.97 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;THE_CHAIR-GEORGE_STRAIT.mp3;
THE CHURCH ON CUMBERLAND ROAD-;no artist ;no title ;;1999;182;4.19 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;THE_CHURCH_ON_CUMBERLAND_ROAD-SHENANDOAH.mp3;
THE CLOSER YOU GET-ALABAMA ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;218;5.00 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;THE_CLOSER_YOU_GET-ALABAMA.mp3;
THE DEVIL WENT DOWN TO GEORGIA;no artist ;no title ;;1999;217;4.98 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;THE_DEVIL_WENT_DOWN_TO_GEORGIA-THE_CHARLIE_DANIELS_BAND.mp3;
THE DOOR- GEORGE JONES ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;166;3.81 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;THE_DOOR-_GEORGE_JONES.mp3;
THE FIGHTIN' SIDE OF ME-MERLE ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;174;4.01 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;THE_FIGHTIN'_SIDE_OF_ME-MERLE_HAGGARD.mp3;
THE GRAND TOUR-GEORGE JONES ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;189;4.35 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;THE_GRAND_TOUR-GEORGE_JONES.mp3;
THE HAPPIEST GIRL IN THE WHOLE;no artist ;no title ;;1999;154;3.54 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;THE_HAPPIEST_GIRL_IN_THE_WHOLE_USA-DONNA_FARGO.mp3;
THE IMAGE OF ME;CONWAY TWITTY;;;1960;165;3.78 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-THE_IMAGE_OF_ME.mp3;
THE LAST ONE TO KNOW-REBA MCEN;no artist ;no title ;;1999;199;4.57 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;THE_LAST_ONE_TO_KNOW-REBA_MCENTIRE.mp3;
THE LORD KNOWS I'M DRINKIN'-CA;no artist ;no title ;;1999;174;4.01 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;THE_LORD_KNOWS_I'M_DRINKIN'-CAL_SMITH.mp3;
THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL-CHARLI;no artist ;no title ;;1999;165;3.80 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;THE_MOST_BEAUTIFUL_GIRL-CHARLIE_RICH.mp3;
THE OTHER WOMAN;RAY PRICE;;;1950;176;4.02 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-THE_OTHER_WOMAN.mp3;
THE POOL SHARK-DAVE DUDLEY ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;187;4.30 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;THE_POOL_SHARK-DAVE_DUDLEY.mp3;
THE RACE IS ON;GEORGE JONES;THE RACE IS ON;;1960;123;2.81 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;THE_RACE_IS_ON-THE_RACE_IS_ON.mp3;
THE RAINS CAME-FREDDY FENDER ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;139;3.20 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;THE_RAINS_CAME-FREDDY_FENDER.mp3;
THE SWEETEST THING-JUICE NEWTO;no artist ;no title ;;1999;249;5.72 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;THE_SWEETEST_THING-JUICE_NEWTON.mp3;
THE WANDERER-EDDIE RABBIT ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;201;4.63 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;THE_WANDERER-EDDIE_RABBIT.mp3;
THE WAY WE MAKE A BROKEN HEART;no artist ;no title ;;1999;233;5.36 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;THE_WAY_WE_MAKE_A_BROKEN_HEART-ROSANNE_CASH.mp3;
THE YEAR THAT CLAYTON DELANEY ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;166;3.83 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;THE_YEAR_THAT_CLAYTON_DELANEY_DIED-TOM_T.mp3;
THEME FROM THE DUKES OF HAZZAR;no artist ;no title ;;1999;132;3.03 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;THEME_FROM_THE_DUKES_OF_HAZZARD-WAYLON_JENNINGS.mp3;
THER AIN'T NOTHING WRONG WITH ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;170;3.91 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;THER_AIN'T_NOTHING_WRONG_WITH_THE_RADIO-AARON_TIPPIN.mp3;
THERE AIN'T NO GOOD CHAIN GANG;no artist ;no title ;;1999;200;4.59 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;THERE_AIN'T_NO_GOOD_CHAIN_GANG-JONYY_CASH_AND_WAYLON_JENNINGS.mp3;
THERE SHE GOES;CARL SMITH;;;1960;156;3.58 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-THERE_SHE_GOES.mp3;
THERE'S A TEAR IN MY BEER-HANK;no artist ;no title ;;1999;172;3.96 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;THERE'S_A_TEAR_IN_MY_BEER-HANK_WILLIAMS_SR.mp3;
THINK ABOUT IT DARLIN'-JERRY L;no artist ;no title ;;1999;155;3.57 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;THINK_ABOUT_IT_DARLIN'-JERRY_LEE_LEWIS.mp3;
THIRDY NINE AND HOLDING-JERRY ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;178;4.10 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;THIRDY_NINE_AND_HOLDING-JERRY_LEE_LEWIS.mp3;
THIS CRAZY LOVE-OAK RIDGE BOYS;no artist ;no title ;;1999;187;4.29 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;THIS_CRAZY_LOVE-OAK_RIDGE_BOYS.mp3;
THIS OLE HOUSE;STUART HAMLEN;;;;170;3.89 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-THIS_OLE_HOUSE.mp3;
'TIL I GET IT RIGHT-TAMMY WYNE;no artist ;no title ;;1999;161;3.70 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;'TIL_I_GET_IT_RIGHT-TAMMY_WYNETTE.mp3;
'TIL I MAKE IT ON MY OWN-TAMMY;no artist ;no title ;;1999;185;4.25 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;'TIL_I_MAKE_IT_ON_MY_OWN-TAMMY_WYNETTE.mp3;
TILL THE RIVER ALL RUN DRY-DON;no artist ;no title ;;1999;210;4.82 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;TILL_THE_RIVER_ALL_RUN_DRY-DON_WILLIAMS.mp3;
TIMBER I'M FALLING IN LOVE-PAT;no artist ;no title ;;1999;153;3.51 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;TIMBER_I'M_FALLING_IN_LOVE-PATTY_LOVELESS.mp3;
TIME CHANGES EVERYTHING;MERLE HAGGARD;;;;152;3.48 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-TIME_CHANGES_EVERYTHING.mp3;
TOGETHER AGAIN-EMMYLOU HARRIS ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;234;5.38 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;TOGETHER_AGAIN-EMMYLOU_HARRIS.mp3;
TOO GONE TOO LONG-RANDY TRAVIS;no artist ;no title ;;1999;148;3.41 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;TOO_GONE_TOO_LONG-RANDY_TRAVIS.mp3;
TOO MUCH ON MY HEART-THE STATL;no artist ;no title ;;1999;240;5.53 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;TOO_MUCH_ON_MY_HEART-THE_STATLER_BROTHERS.mp3;
TOUCH A HAND MAKE A FRIEND-THE;no artist ;no title ;;1999;213;4.91 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;TOUCH_A_HAND_MAKE_A_FRIEND-THE_OAK_RIDGE_BOYS.mp3;
TOUCH ME;WILLIE NELSON;;;;130;2.97 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-TOUCH_ME.mp3;
TULSA TIME-DON WILLIAMS ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;190;4.37 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;TULSA_TIME-DON_WILLIAMS.mp3;
TUMBLING TUMBLEWEED;SONS OF THE PIONEERS;;;;194;4.45 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-TUMBLING_TUMBLEWEED.mp3;
TUPUELO COUNTY JAIL;WEBB PIERCE;;;;121;2.76 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-TUPUELO_COUNTY_JAIL.mp3;
TWINKLE TWINKLE LUCKY STAR-MER;no artist ;no title ;;1999;206;4.75 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;TWINKLE_TWINKLE_LUCKY_STAR-MERLE_HAGGARD.mp3;
TWO GLASSES JOE;ERNEST TUBB;;;;132;3.01 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-TWO_GLASSES_JOE.mp3;
TWO MORE BOTTLES OF WINE-EMMYL;no artist ;no title ;;1999;189;4.35 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;TWO_MORE_BOTTLES_OF_WINE-EMMYLOU_HARRIS.mp3;
TWO STORY HOUSE-GEORGE JONES A;no artist ;no title ;;1999;164;3.77 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;TWO_STORY_HOUSE-GEORGE_JONES_AND_TAMMY_WYNETTE.mp3;
UNCLE PEN-RICKY SKAGGS ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;146;3.37 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;UNCLE_PEN-RICKY_SKAGGS.mp3;
UNDER YOUR SPELL AGAIN-BUCK OW;no artist ;no title ;;1999;159;3.65 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;UNDER_YOUR_SPELL_AGAIN-BUCK_OWENS.mp3;
UNTIL I MET YOU-JUDY RODMAN ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;234;5.37 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;UNTIL_I_MET_YOU-JUDY_RODMAN.mp3;
WALKIN' THE DOG;WEBB PIERCE;;;1960;141;3.23 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-WALKIN'_THE_DOG.mp3;
WALKING THE FLOOR OVER YOU;ERNEST TUBB;;;;159;3.63 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-WALKING_THE_FLOOR_OVER_YOU.mp3;
WASTED DAYS AND WASTED NIGHTS-;no artist ;no title ;;1999;167;3.83 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;WASTED_DAYS_AND_WASTED_NIGHTS-FREDDY_FENDER.mp3;
WATERLOO-STONEWALL JACKSON ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;144;3.32 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;WATERLOO-STONEWALL_JACKSON.mp3;
WAY DOWN-ELVIS PRESLEY ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;161;3.71 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;WAY_DOWN-ELVIS_PRESLEY.mp3;
WE BELIEVE IN HAPPY ENDINGS-EA;no artist ;no title ;;1999;214;4.91 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;WE_BELIEVE_IN_HAPPY_ENDINGS-EARL_THOMAS_CONLEY_AND_EMMYLOU_HA.mp3;
WE BOTH WALK-LORRIE MORGAN ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;188;4.32 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;WE_BOTH_WALK-LORRIE_MORGAN.mp3;
WE CAN MAKE IT-GEORGE JONES ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;128;2.96 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;WE_CAN_MAKE_IT-GEORGE_JONES.mp3;
WE'RE GONNA HOLD ON-GEORGE JON;no artist ;no title ;;1999;180;4.14 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;WE'RE_GONNA_HOLD_ON-GEORGE_JONES_AND_TAMMY_WYNETTE.mp3;
WHAT AM I GONNA DO ABOUT YOU-R;no artist ;no title ;;1999;213;4.89 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;WHAT_AM_I_GONNA_DO_ABOUT_YOU-REBA_MCENTIRE.mp3;
WHAT MADE MILAWAKKE FAMOUS;JERRY LEE LEWIS;;;1960;148;3.40 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-WHAT_MADE_MILAWAKKE_FAMOUS.mp3;
WHAT'S A MEMORY LIKE YOU-JOHN ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;205;4.71 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;WHAT'S_A_MEMORY_LIKE_YOU-JOHN_SCHNEIDER.mp3;
WHAT'S YOUR MAMA'S NAME-TANYA ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;188;4.32 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;WHAT'S_YOUR_MAMA'S_NAME-TANYA_TUCKER.mp3;
WHEN YOU'RE HOT, YOU'RE HOT-JE;no artist ;no title ;;1999;143;3.28 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;WHEN_YOU'RE_HOT,_YOU'RE_HOT-JERRY_REED.mp3;
WHERE SO I PUT HER MEMORYCHARL;no artist ;no title ;;1999;179;4.11 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;WHERE_DO_I_PUT_HER_MEMORY-CHARLIE_PRIDE.mp3;
WHISKEY, IF YOU WERE A WOMAN-H;no artist ;no title ;;1999;185;4.25 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;WHISKEY,_IF_YOU_WERE_A_WOMAN-HIGHWAY_101.mp3;
WHISKEY BENT AND HELL BOUND-HA;no artist ;no title ;;1999;190;4.37 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;WHISKEY_BENT_AND_HELL_BOUND-HANK_WILLIAMS_JR.mp3;
WHITE LIGHTIN';GEORGE JONES;WHITE LIGHTIN';;1950;163;3.73 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;WHITE_LIGHTIN'-WHITE_LIGHTIN'.mp3;
WHO SHOOT SAM;GEORGE JONES;WHO SHOOT SAM;;1950;141;3.23 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;WHO_SHOOT_SAM-WHO_SHOOT_SAM.mp3;
WHOEVER'S IN NEW ENGLAND-REBA ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;205;4.70 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;WHOEVER'S_IN_NEW_ENGLAND-REBA_McENTIRE.mp3;
WHO'S GONNA FILL THEIR SHOES-G;no artist ;no title ;;1999;199;4.58 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;WHO'S_GONNA_FILL_THEIR_SHOES-GEORGE_JONES.mp3;
WHY ME-KRIS KRISTOFFERSON ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;210;4.83 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;WHY_ME-KRIS_KRISTOFFERSON.mp3;
WHY NOT ME-THE JUDDS ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;211;4.85 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;WHY_NOT_ME-THE_JUDDS.mp3;
WILD AND BLUE-JOHN ANDERSON ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;164;3.77 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;WILD_AND_BLUE-JOHN_ANDERSON.mp3;
WOMAN SENSUOUS WOMAN-DON GIBSO;no artist ;no title ;;1999;200;4.60 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;WOMAN_SENSUOUS_WOMAN-DON_GIBSON.mp3;
WOULD YOU CATCH A FALLING STAR;no artist ;no title ;;1999;176;4.06 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;WOULD_YOU_CATCH_A_FALLING_STAR-JOHN_ANDERSON.mp3;
WOULD YOU LAY WITH ME-TANYA TU;no artist ;no title ;;1999;146;3.36 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;WOULD_YOU_LAY_WITH_ME-TANYA_TUCKER.mp3;
WOULD YOU TAKE ANOTHER CHANCE ;no artist ;no title ;;1999;174;4.00 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;WOULD_YOU_TAKE_ANOTHER_CHANCE_ON_ME-JERRY_LEE_LEWIS.mp3;
Y'ALL COME BACK SALOON-THE OAK;no artist ;no title ;;1999;177;4.07 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;Y'ALL_COME_BACK_SALOON-THE_OAK_RIDGE_BOYS.mp3;
YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE;JIMMIE DAVIS;;;;169;3.88 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;-YOU_ARE_MY_SUNSHINE.mp3;
YOU'LL LOSE A GOOD THING-FREDD;no artist ;no title ;;1999;173;3.99 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;YOU'LL_LOSE_A_GOOD_THING-FREDDY_FENDER.mp3;
YOU'RE GONNA RUIN MY BAD REPUT;no artist ;no title ;;1999;78;1.81 MB;12/5/2013;C:\Users\James\Desktop\mp3\;YOU'RE_GONNA_RUIN_MY_BAD_REPUTATION-RONNIE_MCDOWELL.mp3;
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